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CD live at CM!


Event Flyer

Go to the Carburetor Dung site for more details. Should be fun.


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kuburan dakwat goes all Nip/Tuck on you

headstone_opt.gifBeen doing some photoshopping image editing lately.

Perhaps this has been an attempt at savouring the same type of satisfaction our dear old Mr. Joe Kidd savoured while conducting cosmestic surgery upon his site. He’s done a brilliant job and the already fetching site has indeed achieved near perfection at a profoundly cosmic level.

Always one for heaping compliments, me.

Googled for images using headstone as keyword and found the image at left. Using a pirated 7.0 version of a popular image-editing software, I resized the image, ditched its color, and put it through the stamp filter.

Any inquiries on the ethical considerations employed during the above process (i.e. not crediting the image source and/or using pirated software) can be put forth in the comments section below.


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Ricecooker goes all Nip/Tuck on Us

One of my favouritest sites, ricecooker, is currently undergoing extensive re-construction.The following is a disclaimer from the site:

ricecooker is having its face rearranged. the whole week will see this pages morph as we work on its new look. it’ll be ugly. thanks for your patience.

As a repository of all things d.i.y and independent, ricecooker is about the most reliable local source of information if you’re into punk and ‘alternative’ music or art, independent films, progressive politics, youth-oriented movements or just plain bored.

It’s also one of the first places where you can read the thought-provoking (and hilarious) writings of people like Hishamudin Rais. It’s the place to go when you feel that Malaysia is a dead-end joint with lifeless music, crap cinema and laughably boring politics.


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Merde Kah : Oddball Soup & More


Just got this from Joe’s site.

For those of you who’ll be in town (I won’t, you lucky bastards!) check out the latest instalment of the unclogged series. I myself have been an ardent supporter/contributor to the series in past years and have been lucky enough to see Carburetor Dung’s last Malaysian show with Lee on vocals. I remember the roof of NoBlackTie being literally stripped-off during their set with Lee standing on the piano. Now that Lee is in Twin Carburetors, Carburetor Dung’s sibling band in Australia, those attending the show tonight will see Alak on vocals instead.

So, go to the show, meet new friends and celebrate Merdeka with others tired of Mawi and Siti.

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