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A rough pre-mastered copy of my band’s first demo is available below. This was recorded at XSid Studio, Indera Mahkota by Bani from 2.00 to 11.00pm on 13.04.08. Some cleaning up needs to be done in the final mix. We also need to record new main and backing vocals .

Di Sini Demo 1.0

You can also go straight to the host site if the above link fails or come to our blog.

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Post-Birthday Blues

Woke up at 1.00 today. It’s almost 4.30 now and I’m still trying to finish last night’s beverages. You know, before my parents get back from the sequel to last week’s wedding. Get the house back to its usual Hadhari state and shit.

The band were here last night. Along with Toj, Ud, Wan As. Some singing and candle blowing at around 10. Caught up on some guy gossip. Of whose mentol is menyalaing and such. Great fun.

Went out for a drive in Tojeng’s VW. P driving and L in the passenger seat. I was with S in the back seat. Me wowing the ride and S actually getting lulled by the combination of The Smiths on the stereo and the incessant humroar of the engine. Great ride, Tojeng!

Ledge was the last to leave I suppose. When I woke up for a loo call at around 9, he was sprawled in front of the tv awakened by one of my huge morning farts. P was on the couch, sleeping in his jeans. A short nap after sending off L to work, maybe. Before he has to rush off to his office for some weekend function. A busy man and expectant father, unrepentant partier and loving husband.

Did some group writing for the Ralat site. A short biography of the band. All awkward without a clue to what needs to be written. Well the bio’s there if anybody’s interested. Oh and a short photo session conducted by Y. The pic is in the banner at the site. P was worried that he looked too menyerlah. I wouldn’t worry too much about that if I were him.


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Studio bucks

Well I guess there’s not much to blog about these days and such. Yada yada.

Except my band, Ralat (or The Ralat Brothers?) will record a song next week. The song is called Di Sini. We’ll be recording digitally at Bani’s studio with a budget of RM600. That’ll get us about six hours. I’ve listened to some of his (unpublished) material and it’s ok i guess. With this kind of money.

But we’ll try to make it work. Because it’s a beautiful mid tempo song and it’s got these invisible hooks that invites you to listen more. I know a bit of a shameless plug. But I’m excited and excitement is the only thing that’s available of late.

And hey, check this out. My band’s blog.

Help me make it nice?


Got Kak G back. Beautiful new frets. Sings like she should.


Starfish… aku tak nak jadi artis la.


A… aku nak jadi artis la.


AKAB… yada yada


Lucius… please write more


Amir Hafizi… terrific


(name deleted)… still deleted



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Guitars and an amp, by the dinner table at home.

Taken after a session with Ralat. Wanted to take one with Ledge’s yamaha too, but he’s left before I took the camera out.

Two possible new songs. One sounds very good with the acoustic in dropped D. The version I hear in my head right now is ringing open chords kinda Jack Johnson but maybe faster and less dadrockish.Ledge wants to call this song Antologi. I’m not really sure about this title because I’ve yet to ask him what it means. Let’s just say the title’s not set in stone just yet.

The other one hasn’t sunked into my brain enough yet. It’s quite daunting technically and definitely a loud one. We were playing in the front hall and my parents were asleep in the next room. So studio time tomorrow is justified and essential. Sigh. Own studio would be fucking awesome.


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Happy 33thrd birthday Mr. Shahkaratul Tarantula. Thanks for the band-name suggestion. We might use it after all.


The band rehearsed today. At Bani’s as usual. Played a LOUD version of Di Sini. P seems to think that we sound better loud. I’ve got my reservations about it though. The sheer volume somehow drowns-out Ledge’s vocals. Not his fault, I think better voice amplification would solve that. My delay pedal was also out of juice so didn’t get to use it tonight. My fault, the song sounds much lovelier with sparkling guitars.


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