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Sunday Video 4

A live performance of Flume by Bon Iver is quite appropriate for this wet east coast Sunday afternoon, whilst debating (more like arguing) where to go for lunch, whether to change into day clothes or laze around in sleepwear. Also listening to horrid small town traffic congestion stories as a result of power cuts from people who had actually gone out to buy a sack of rice from dark, blacked-out supermarkets.


Went to see Twilight yesterday with A, Y and Chala. More like an extended tv show than a movie with a sequel definitely in the works. Teensy, cheesy but enjoyable nevertheless if you’ve been holed up at home all week, waiting for torrents to complete downloading. Then someone shuts your macbook to save it from learing imaginary house-breakers and all you can expect to download is torrential rain.

Got loaded on wack herb before the movie yesterday. Disoriented after the show, holding a coke in one hand and the exit parking ticket in the other, walked to the mall parking lot which was a cacophony of blaring horns. A combination of crap layout, impatient people and a PC fair had caused a congestion and exit traffic was at a standtill. We got into the car, drove a few levels up to find another exit. Found it and found out that I’d lost the ticket. Went back to where we originally parked and found the ticket beside the coke balancing precariously on the ledge I had inadvertently placed them.

Wack fucking herb. Gimme some more, P.



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