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It’s OK Y, life’s like that.

Y, our youngest and only sister failed her written driving test for the second time today. She’s devastated. This happening at a particularly high point in her young life, she’d just left school, new job at a boutique. In fact this morning was supposed to be her third day at work.

The light on her face when we picked her up from work just the other night. Genuine satisfaction after a hard day’s work. How many of us hasn’t had that feeling in a long time?

She called in sick. Sulked in her room. But up laughing again watching Slam Dunk at six o’clock. I bet she’ll go to work tomorrow. Not that it matters.

The test didn’t matter neither la, Y. Remember when we went out driving infront of MPK the other day? The police car, the satria jerking in appreciation of your fine driving, the courting couples, a noisy Kak A as driving instructor? These matter.

So shine on.



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