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A roof that never leaks


The P Family House

Give me a day full of honest work and a roof that never leaks, I’ll be satisfied” Head Home by Midlake.

Excitement is in the air as P&L discovers a new place to rent together for the first time as newly-weds. Granted it ain’t a Victorian Mansion but it’s enough for the both of them. A spacious lower floor with a nook under the stairs with good acoustics. It’s only big enough for maybe 2 persons of average build to be in but I tried singing a few notes of a current favourite song and it sounded like Abbey Road. The kitchen already has a platform for the new washing machine and the master bedroom features an old-school wooden air-cond unit. Like the ones we had in our old musky libraries at school. It works too.

As I stepped beyond the gates onto the cemented front lawn and into the front living space for the first time this afternoon, I was hit by a sense of timelessness. The bare floors, creaking fan and old chinese new year greetings on the wall seemed frozen in time. For a brief moment I could hear the clatter of mahjong tiles amid happy laughter and the sound of a kettle hissing with steam from water for another pot of tea.

The place is, in a word, perfect. A balcony adjoining the bedroom upstairs for early evenings and beer. A front view of old shops, back-streets and the languid Kuantan sky. A back view of Kemunting’s old JKR workmen quarters. The only small drawback being the toilets which are of the squat variety. Not a problem for P though because he is, in his own words, “a cangkung boy”.

A prayer: Let the halls of the new house be filled with happiness and the walls bear witness to love. Let the floors shiver in glee at the prospect of future little dwellers treading upon them and let the windows bring light to brighten up the occupants’ gleaming hopeful eyes.




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The Pelamin


S and Pelamin

Well the stage upon which the thrones where the two newlyweds, P and L, will sit and receive guests had been set-up. Its nice innit. Very colourful and the very the cinta-cinta gitu. I like. I was commenting on how nice it looked to A just now and must admit that we are a little bit envious since our own pelamin was nothing like the one they’re having. Just a few drapes hung in the background and us sitting coyly in front. Apa-apa pun, we’re happy for the couple and bet that it’s going to be a beautiful wedding.

And yes, that’s S beaming brightly with the big heart-shaped flower background. She’s tripping on rice and chicken she just had for dinner…mmm flowersh …pwetty…mmm …abah shirtless with a camera… mmm …must …try …to …smile


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Kugiran Majlis Berlaga Pusat

P & L will be getting married and the bridegroom’s reception will be held this coming April Fool’s day. A band comprising of Ledge, Wan As, Idge, the bridegroom himself and I started rehearsals for a performance at the reception.

Our first rehearsal revealed a lot of glitches due to extended periods away from our instruments (musical, not reproductive). A few of the songs that were supposed to be soft and subtle sounded too loud to be played at our home which incidentally shares very close proximity to the surau. Maybe the fact that we’ll be playing in the early afternoon (probably around 2.30) will compensate. Or maybe we should play 60’s Malay A-go-go instead.

The tentative songlist (in random order, and to be shortlisted later) :

  1. Begitu Indah – Padi
  2. Cintailah Cinta – Dewa
  3. Ternyata Cinta – Padi
  4. Qasidah Cinta – Dewa
  5. Poor Misguided Fool – Starsailor
  6. The Scientist – Coldplay
  7. Mahadewi – Padi
  8. Home – Michael Buble
  9. Seperti Kekasihku – Padi
  10. Patah – Padi

The band would also be really pleased if two more members of the bridegroom’s family currently unavailable for rehearsal to join us for songs. Suitable requests will be entertained. This means the earlier you get home the more practice hours you’ll get. This means you En. Chala and Yaya.

We hope to rent the equipment for the event from a friendly local studio. The studio has an excellent band comprised of seasoned musicians from the local wedding music circuit. As they are our friends as well, we would be greatly honoured if they would help bring the house (sans surau) down.

Drop by if you happen to be in town. We’ll try our very best to accommodate.


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