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Thank You Very March.

A hectic February gave way to what is transpiring to be manic March. I was away from school for a whole two week stretch; first attending a Digital Storytelling Workshop, then off to rehearsals for a concert to be played middle of this year. Even though I was spared from the 3-4 day annual Sports Day hustle, I was kept informed of the scores as they are relayed to me in real time through colleagues. My house lost.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, S started kindergarten on Monday the 2nd. A and I sent her to school that morning, half-expecting a big scene: a wailing S screaming for us not to leave her. Nope. Not even a whimper as she waved my wife goodbye.

I finally got the camera I wanted and have been in a shooting frenzy lately. Unchecked enthusiasm found me waking up at 6.30 on a non-working day to go to the beach and shoot the sunrise. It rained. I sat under the shade, with my tripod still wishfully up, talking to other thwarted morning swimmers. A dull but pretty memorable morning nevertheless.

I have also started a new photoblog. Come visit and tell me what you think.



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School’s In!

Her First Day

Her First Day

Dengan pseudo-crocs di kaki, beg Barbie pink di bahu dan bedak di tengkuk, anak aku melangkah masuk ke alam pendidikan formal pagi semalam.

Sedikit pun tidak membantah, tapi tidak pula nampak teruja, S bertanya “Buat apa nak pergi school?” bila aku mengejutkannya dari tidur pagi semalam.

Juga, apabila sampai ke tadika, tiada kata mahupun kucupan selamat tinggal yang ditawarkan buat mamanya. Terus duduk, tanpa sebarang drama, justeru menumpukan perhatian penuh terhadap permainan yang telah disediakan di sana.

Hanya bila melihat kelibatĀ  mamanya yang lewat 10 minit menjemput pulang, S menangis. Marahkan mama yang lambat.

Mama memang selalu lambat!


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