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En. Hussain dari Kuang

En Hussain dari Kuang

ialah sahabatku yang sesekali singgah

menjabat tangan dan mengucap salam persahabatan.

Seperti malam ini dia hadir

dalam pertemuan semula,

kawan-kawan lama dengan

cerita-cerita sama dan

tawa-tawa ikhlas.

Satu keraian ikatan

sebuah tautan cinta.

En. Hussain dari Kuang

ialah sahabatku yang berdoa

supaya semuanya baik sahaja.



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Kuang Weed. Try it.

It’s been raining here in Klang. A and I were trapped in a deafening blitz of light, sound and water in front of a local mall. She went goldshopping. She smiles a lot these days. Or probably that’s just because I’ve only begun to notice it more.

It’s stopped raining since and I’m listening to Mr Tambourine Man. The Byrds’, not Dylan’s.

Let’s talk about S. She’s an eating machine. Chocolate, chocolate cookies from Uncle R, porridge and ribena from Popo, Roti Canai from me. Those and her formula.

Met with P’s friends. My friends too. They’re Kuang people who drove all the way from Rawang to Shah Alam and to our home in Klang. My intention to score some weed turned into a pleasant conversation and an opportunity to indulge in guy gossip. The weed was in the end a gift and it’s good by the way.

Mikon’s back and so is exoticasyibba. She’s back in Kuching with family. Here’s a kiss coming your way.


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