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Studio bucks

Well I guess there’s not much to blog about these days and such. Yada yada.

Except my band, Ralat (or The Ralat Brothers?) will record a song next week. The song is called Di Sini. We’ll be recording digitally at Bani’s studio with a budget of RM600. That’ll get us about six hours. I’ve listened to some of his (unpublished) material and it’s ok i guess. With this kind of money.

But we’ll try to make it work. Because it’s a beautiful mid tempo song and it’s got these invisible hooks that invites you to listen more. I know a bit of a shameless plug. But I’m excited and excitement is the only thing that’s available of late.

And hey, check this out. My band’s blog.

Help me make it nice?


Got Kak G back. Beautiful new frets. Sings like she should.


Starfish… aku tak nak jadi artis la.


A… aku nak jadi artis la.


AKAB… yada yada


Lucius… please write more


Amir Hafizi… terrific


(name deleted)… still deleted




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Guitars and an amp, by the dinner table at home.

Taken after a session with Ralat. Wanted to take one with Ledge’s yamaha too, but he’s left before I took the camera out.

Two possible new songs. One sounds very good with the acoustic in dropped D. The version I hear in my head right now is ringing open chords kinda Jack Johnson but maybe faster and less dadrockish.Ledge wants to call this song Antologi. I’m not really sure about this title because I’ve yet to ask him what it means. Let’s just say the title’s not set in stone just yet.

The other one hasn’t sunked into my brain enough yet. It’s quite daunting technically and definitely a loud one. We were playing in the front hall and my parents were asleep in the next room. So studio time tomorrow is justified and essential. Sigh. Own studio would be fucking awesome.


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Happy 33thrd birthday Mr. Shahkaratul Tarantula. Thanks for the band-name suggestion. We might use it after all.


The band rehearsed today. At Bani’s as usual. Played a LOUD version of Di Sini. P seems to think that we sound better loud. I’ve got my reservations about it though. The sheer volume somehow drowns-out Ledge’s vocals. Not his fault, I think better voice amplification would solve that. My delay pedal was also out of juice so didn’t get to use it tonight. My fault, the song sounds much lovelier with sparkling guitars.


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A Couple of Things

Firstly, and this is a few weeks overdue, as of 2oth August 2007, Kuburan Dakwat is one year old. It feels like yesterday when I wrote my first entry. While the blog has been somewhat dormant with entries posted irregularly, this ‘anniversary’ has kinda sparked-off a new enthusiasm… I hope.

Yamaha AES620

Yamaha AES620

Secondly, to celebrate the aforementioned occasion, I bought a new guitar. A spanking new Yamaha AES620. Mahagony body with a carved flamed maple top, nato neck and rosewood fretboard, grover tuners and a bitching Seymour Duncan humbucker at the bridge. Sweet. Played it for the first time at a jam session with the band yesterday and the guitar rocks like a banshee.

Looks like I’m not gonna be able to spend more time blogging after all. I’ll be glued to the amp. Kerrrraaangggg!


Image source: http://www.imusic-center.com/upload/67_1_.jpg



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Kak G’s Fall

I’ve got a G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Series electric guitar which I bought nearly 3 months ago, second-hand from a guy who puts up instruments for web auctions. It cost me RM2700. It’s a nice guitar for me at least. It’s name in the household is Kak G. Two-tone sunburst tele body with white edge bindings on the front. Got a friend who freshened-up the intonation and now she really sings. Until she fell.

Kak GS, my 2 year old kid and I were watching something on Discovery Real Time when she suddenly climbed down the bed while I was distractedly surfing channels for something else to watch. Next thing I heard was the crunch and thud of a wooden item. I winced when I suddenly remembered I had removed the guitar from its usual location in the living room to the bedroom next to the dresser. True enough, when I turned round S was standing beside the guitar, which was then lying face down on the cold, un-carpeted hard floor. She had unlatched the locking contraption securing the neck of the guitar to the stand.

After I screamed her name, S started to cry as the weight of the situation began to sink on her. She knows I love that guitar, she helped me re-string it just the day before. I was angry and hit her hand a few times. A came in and I explained what had just happened and both of us began to coax S whose tears had already started to subside. S said sorry and I said it was okay and I asked her if she wanted to see me check whether Kak G was okay.

It transpired that Kak G was not okay. She suffered a bent pick-up selector and more distressingly, scratched 5th, 6th and 7th frets. The guitar had fallen flat, neck first, with the 3rd (G) string receiving the initial impact. When I played that string and tried to bend or vibrate it, the scratch catches on to the string and an unpleasant click is heard.

To install a new set of frets will cost about RM300. I could sand-paper the affected frets for free but the guitar’s playability will be affected. New frets, then. A lot of money to spend but the realization that S had brought to me concerning how much she’s grown in only two years is priceless.

Just tonight she was with me at the restaurant bar where Wan As was playing and was submitted to an interview regarding the morning’s incident. She said she was sorry and did a little jiggle in front of the drum set while Was As and the band were playing Kingston Town. I was having a beer, A some chicken wings and S some fries. S, my 2 year old daughter who possesses an ageless soul growing right before my eyes.


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