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Haircut 100.

In Klang again. This time to visit Papa who’s been warded at HTAR since Tuesday for food poisoning. He looked well this morning, thankfully. He’s stopped crapping all over the place and has regained his appetite. Just this morning, A brought him some kuay teow and chicken sambal. An hour ago we drove to the neighbourhood pasar malam and got him some asam laksa. I waited in Riz’s orange Neo and listened to Capital FM (never heard of them, are they new?) and texted Starfish who was out looking for the second season of Dirty Sexy Money.

We didn’t bring S with us for this trip. We figured that the weather had been sucky and we’d be too busy to have her in our way. Well that’s the official self-assuring, guilt-assuaging version of it anyway. Truth is, we were not busy at all and although it was raining all day, she would’ve been fine. I was the one who suggested that we’d leave her with her Atuk and Nenek in Kuantan, rationalizing that we (A and I) hadn’t had time to ourselves for a long time. That and the fact that I can do the curves at 120 on Karak highway without S reprimanding from her baby seat (‘Slow down, Abah’).

So there we were, in front of the TV watching 4 episodes of Gossip Girl interspersed with deliveries to the hospital for Papa. Urgency? What urgency? So while waiting for A who’s having her hair done (at the salon just opposite our house) I sit to write this. While totally missing my daughter and regretting our decision to leave her behind.

Then again, it’s nice to be alone together. If I close my eyes and imagine real hard, it feels like back when we began dating. Only I used to have more say about activities. I used to be able to decide, on a simple whim, whether to go for a drive, watch a movie, or listen to some music together. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a say over what we do with our ‘together’ time. But its much simpler letting A entice me into her suggested activities and even when I don’t really feel like staying in and watch Gossip Girl all day, I get magically coaxed into staying in and watch Gossip Girl all day. And did you notice that Blair-Chuck makeout sessions get the best songs for soundtrack?

Right, A’s back. My turn for a haircut.



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Excuse for not voting no. 339.

        Stuck at bloody Starbuck’s with no connection. One of the staff just told me the system’s slow because they’re using the net too. Doing what? Downloading Bare Barristas 3?
        Serves me right for procrastinating. You see I’m typing this offline when I’m supposed to be reading up for this test I have on Tuesday. I’m applying for another job. Totally different carrer path but that’s another story altogether. A lot to be done if I’m actually going to ace this test but what have I been doing? Watching Gossip Girl. Yup. Shameful. For more than one reason. And A’s been laughing at me for going all giggly watching spoilt New York brats going all giggly. Heh.
        I’m all fueled up on a grande latte and fidgeting. Yeah I’m nervous about the test. If I go through this initial stage then I’m through to the interviews. All three of them, I’m informed. My potential future boss is apparently this highly idealistic, God-fearing former journalist. He has interviewed quite a handful for the post I’m aiming for and what do I say to him? That I’m leaving my teaching job after 7 years of feeling under-utilised and unfulfilled? Must I be honest about my irreverence to all authority and my tendency to STILL get bouts of existential angst at my, ehem, advanced age? Lemme make a mental note to myself: cross that bridge when you come to it, bitch.
        Aha we’re online. They’ve bridged the connection at last. I’m apparently that good at crossing bridges. Still fidgeting though. Have a great weekend people.


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