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Labour Day Afternoon

Well here I am on labour day, at a coffee joint, having coffee and smoking at this new mall.

I’m actually having a day off. You know, to commemorate the ‘annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from efforts of the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers‘ (from Wikipedia).

But there are at least a few hundred people working today, here. Like that guy at the coffee bar, in a yellow tshirt, making coffee. Or the security girl at the entrance of the embedded french retail outlet, wrapping-up my laptop case in plastic so I won’t shoplift.

I wonder if they get extra pay for working today. They’d better ask for it. Cause fuck me, I’d rather sit here and contemplate my economic and social achievements. And coincidently (this just crossed my coffee-addled brain), today’s also supposed to be the 13th(?) anniversary with an ex-girlfriend. Well she’s probably somewhere examining her achievements.

Found her on facebook chat the other day but we had to cut the conversation short. Because hubby is having a conference call and using-up a lot of bandwith. Yup.

We didn’t need bandwith back then. On top of Eiffel Tower, looking at the symmetry of the streets of Paris and celebrating her birthday. Mine was a couple of days later (Eurodisney). Had a long soak in the bath at some seedy bed-n-breakfast, both of us tired of fucking croissants. And probably of each other.

Oh well. Happy Labour Day. To Pmengandung, don’t actually get into labour just yet will ya?



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3 Reunions

I met three old friends today, the first being J, whom I was best friends with back in the days when I was teaching in Rompin. He had a studio and we were bandmates of sorts. It was me and Alan on guitars, Uda on bass and J on drums. Initially they had a vocalist, Z who sang 80’s Malay rock songs with the band but he was phased out eventually. We called ourselves Mork and played a gig in Bukit Bintang back in 2001, I think.

So there we were a few hours ago in P’s house reminiscing over a few hits on the papaya stem. We laughed over a song J composed entitled Sengkisut. It only had one line “Chulalongkorn, chulalongkorn” and I was reminded of windswept Rompin, rides to school on a borrowed scrambler and RM2.00 lunches.

Both F and W were college mates. We were inseparable and went through a lot together. We’ve lost touch since after graduation and found each other again via a web-based social networking service. F, an early crush, is now mother of twin girls and resides in the southwestern English town where we studied. W, bona-fide ex-girlfriend, has recently gotten married and now lives in the States.


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