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Notes on EC 2

Received a text message from Pen late Sunday afternoon, informing me of an EC rehearsal featuring a full lineup. Apparently Koj and Bar are in town, so they’ll be able to handle bass and vocal duties respectively. The designated studio was supposed to be the rat infested one in Terminal Makmur but I remembered the last time Ralat had a session there and the vocal PA was out of order. A few phonecalls later, the venue was changed to Sinar Legenda, a studio in Kubang Buaya, at 9.30 pm. It also transpired that Bar had to leave town earlier than he had expected and had to skip the session. Bummer. We would’ve been able to just jam at the terminal without worrying about the PA since there would’ve been no vocals afterall. Oh well.

Excited at the prospect of playing with the full band again, I left home at 8.30, with Kak G and Kak Yam in the trunk of my car. Picked Koj up from his place and we caught up on things on our way to the studio. The last time I saw him was probably 2 years ago in Putrajaya. It’s good to know he’s doing great in his career.

At the risk of sounding peculiar, Koj and I have always had a special relationship, him being one of my best friends. An unfortunate turn of events involving him and P had soured our friendship somewhat, exacerbated by our respective place of residence. I could write a whole episode based on our trials and tribulations but it won’t be necessary. Sure, I detect a sense of awkwardness in our conversation yesterday but at least we’ve established contact again after all these years. And what’s more, we’re playing together again!

So we arrived a little before 9.30 at the studio. Pen and Men, accompanied by old teamster Day arrived, fashionably late as always, 15 minutes later. Set-up and tuning took around 10 minutes with me on the ASAT and Meny on the Yamaha. Men brought a setlist (awwww) comprising all recorded EC material plus the unrecorded stuff. My immediate reaction after the first song was over: tight as a Jaafar *nn’s ass. Looking around at everyone’s smiling faces as the dying notes of Say You Love Satan dissolve into air-conditioned air, it was priceless. We ploughed on, sounding fresh as shit on Chaos Mosh, Systematic Death and Evolved to Obliteration.



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Notes on EC

Tonight, Enslaved Chaos will jam for the second time after an extended hiatus. I’ve been playing guitar in this band since 97. Mat, our original vocalist has gone back to his kampung, so to speak, in the US. Kojek, the bassist is busy raising a young family and building a reputation in the art scene as painter and installation artist. Penter (drums) has gotten himself a job and a girlfriend while Meny (guitars) is in between jobs.

Both of them live here in Kuantan and three of us started jamming last Monday. It began nervously, Meny struggling with the studio guitar and the nasal peavey amp, me readjusting my ears back to the noise we generate and Penter having to stop the song when he misses rolls and shit. But after about 40 minutes, it came back together. Of course there was no bass or vocals but the structure of the songs emerged amidst all the sheer volume. I like Sick of You and We Want Some Violence.

Meny has a copy of our release on CD. I might take-up Mat’s suggestions for setting-up a myspace page for it and maybe future releases. Sure, if it’s a group effort. He’s already emailed me the lyrics for all his songs. Brilliant, if I may say so. I’m not being negative but under the present circumstances, given the scarcity of rehearsal or even communication between the band members, it might take some time before anyone listens to a new EC release.

We do have good unrecorded material though. I mean, compared to a lot of bands in the current scene, I think it sounds more cohesive than, say, Apparatus. Onani is not bad though. I like FSF too.


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