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Ode buat Nobody.

Dia sering berada dalam tidurku.

Walau hanya pada ujaran watak-watak mimpi

atau niat bersua tak kesampaian.

Harus ku lepaskan.

Dia mengganggu tenang nafasku.

Walau terbakar hangus sekali lagi

atau jauh hanyut kesesatan.

Takkan ku biarkan.

Pergi dari tidurku o bayang.

Bukan kau yang ku sayang.


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Pencil Neck, New Name, Song Repeating and Nasi Kerabu

Had a weird dream. I was helping a cousin fix a broken guitar. The neck was completely busted and we were attempting to fix it with pencils. Literally pencils attached together to form a new neck. How’s that supposed to work?


Monsun had a session on Sunday night. Played Padi’s new track Belum Terlambat for the first time. We also played a rearranged original Ledge composition Di Sini, complete with sparkling delay parts. Not bad. The studio we usually rehearse in has set up a recording facility and we discussed the possibility of recording Di Sini to start off.

There was also a request by bassist P to change our current name. Monsun doesn’t work anymore due to its resemblance to two other entitities, namely Hujan, an up-and-coming group and Monsun Industries, a multi level marketing venture. No disrespect to the two but I agree that Monsun will need to be called something else. Ledge suggested Ambulans or Orang Sakit but personally I think those are too depressing. So how la?


S the emerging music lover spent a whole Sunday morning listening and relistening to Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly. So that’s what the repeat 1 song tab is for in iTunes. If only the function is also available in our car’s stereo. Another of her favourite song is Is There A Ghost by Band of Horses. Then again, after 15 consecutive listens you do get a bit weary. It’s a great great song though.

Wokeh. Off for some RM2.00 Nasi Kerabu.


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