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It’s been a complete month of inactivity for my band and I expect the next few months will be ‘down time’ too, what with L’s due date and so forth. Gotta admit that I’m not really missing it that much. No wait, I might actually miss playing together if I can actually remember much of our sessions. Personally, it’s just that for me: the sheer lack of memorability. We either blast through a routine of covers or play lacklustre originals. Perhaps I should have more faith and maybe I’m being the usual negative ass. Or maybe it’s the weed. Wack.


Smurfette is coming tomorrow for a couple of days. Perhaps an early birthday wish is not out of order. Especially after the kind of mood she’s been in lately, 10 laps of swimming notwithstanding. Haven’t really planned anything overly extravagant but a couple of days lazing around without her hectic routine would help her relax and get refreshed. Might do a barbie on Saturday or maybe go for a riverside picnic or visit a chili pepper farm and pretend we’re RHCP. Heh. Kuantanfornication.


They’ve given me my MUET classes back and so I teach this bunch of bubbly Lower Sixers. Attitude and enthusiasm-wise, they’re among the best batches ever to have enrolled in this school. A briefing from their former teacher revealed that a few have even received distinctions at SPM level. Promising indeed and my expectations were naturally high. Until a writing test administered last Friday. They have a lot to do to get above average scores in MUET. Sample sentences:

  • My opinions the improved in order to attract more tourist to Malaysia because Malaysia is fullfil with colourfull culture.
  • In my opinion, we need to stories the interesting places in Malaysia in internet because we know that in era 2000 all people when they want good information, they must use computer to searching internet.
  • The local workers always choice jobs, their want a work like sit in office because have air-cond.

Hoo boy. Got a lot to do it seems. Cannot work like sit in office only because have air-cond.





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Another Alfatihah : Updated

A bizarre cosmic twist. In the midst of death are we the still-living ones struggling to cope with loss and to make sense of it all.

Merely a few hours after yesterday’s entry I received a phonecall from Toj informing me of Lan’s (Kuchalana‘s bassist) critical state in the ICU of HKL. I did not receive much information regarding his predicament and remember assuming that it was a road accident. A preliminary round of questions over ym with a few concerned friends revealed the horrific nature of the events leading to his death.

I am not among the lucky ones who were personally close to this soft-spoken, affable man. Of course I’d seen him play during various occasions and there isn’t a doubt in my mind regarding how musical and precise his playing was, providing the solid thump and intricate reggae basslines behind Kuchalana’s sound. Standing tall on the stage, eyes downcast, a smile on his lips and head a-nodding.

The first and only time we actually held conversation was mid 2007 at a restaurant in Pandan Indah. As a fellow musician aware of and very appreciative of his talents, I was struck by his humility and warmth and above all his transfixing smiling eyes. Another common ground we shared was being fathers to daughters.

I shudder at the thought of the girl losing her dear dad and curse the perpetrators of this barbaric and incomprehensible act of violence.

Lang, semula!


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Kugiran Majlis Berlaga Pusat

P & L will be getting married and the bridegroom’s reception will be held this coming April Fool’s day. A band comprising of Ledge, Wan As, Idge, the bridegroom himself and I started rehearsals for a performance at the reception.

Our first rehearsal revealed a lot of glitches due to extended periods away from our instruments (musical, not reproductive). A few of the songs that were supposed to be soft and subtle sounded too loud to be played at our home which incidentally shares very close proximity to the surau. Maybe the fact that we’ll be playing in the early afternoon (probably around 2.30) will compensate. Or maybe we should play 60’s Malay A-go-go instead.

The tentative songlist (in random order, and to be shortlisted later) :

  1. Begitu Indah – Padi
  2. Cintailah Cinta – Dewa
  3. Ternyata Cinta – Padi
  4. Qasidah Cinta – Dewa
  5. Poor Misguided Fool – Starsailor
  6. The Scientist – Coldplay
  7. Mahadewi – Padi
  8. Home – Michael Buble
  9. Seperti Kekasihku – Padi
  10. Patah – Padi

The band would also be really pleased if two more members of the bridegroom’s family currently unavailable for rehearsal to join us for songs. Suitable requests will be entertained. This means the earlier you get home the more practice hours you’ll get. This means you En. Chala and Yaya.

We hope to rent the equipment for the event from a friendly local studio. The studio has an excellent band comprised of seasoned musicians from the local wedding music circuit. As they are our friends as well, we would be greatly honoured if they would help bring the house (sans surau) down.

Drop by if you happen to be in town. We’ll try our very best to accommodate.


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