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Taken almost a couple of years back when we were still living at the Kemunting house, 5 minutes from the fair. We had a go on the bumper cars (fun!) and S went on the creaky kiddy car ride (crap!).


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We’ve moved into a new place. A bit of a change since the new house has 2 floors instead of the sprawling L-shaped single floor plan we’ve been accustomed to over the years in Kemunting.

The thing I’m going to miss most is the 6 am duel between the surau and the hindu temple next to the field along a substantial stretch of Jalan Kemunting. The call and beat of the faithful. A solemn,  unadorned  azan  before or after the parp and thump from the belly of the temple.

The old house had monitor lizards and squirrels and lanky black foxes that climb down from the tree next to the zinc-roofed park shed. I found a green snake once in the main bathroom. The porcelain blue sink broke providing entry for serpent to wiggle in from the  drainage. I panicked and told Abah and he panicked as well. Both of us pathetic little boys, grossed out by creepy crawlies. I hesitated on calling the fire brigade; it would be acquiescence to my cowardice. Abah took the old yellow bike and went to a neighbours to maybe ask for help. He got distracted and just made small talk with Pak Cik Ali or whatever his name is. I finally went over to the field opposite our house and offerred a bunch of kids some money if they could catch the little serpent whereupon a middle-aged chinese gentleman took hold of the situation and bumped the snake on the head with arwah Nenek’s walking cane.

My wife hurt her ankle in our room in Kemunting. She was on a chair, trying to get hold of a suitcase on the wardrobe so that she can pack up and leave me. The plastic chair broke, she fell and tore a part of the skin covering the flexor hallucis longus tendon above her right ankle. The yellow walls bore witness to blood and tears. There’s a  heart-shaped scar tissue (happy belated valentines’, baby) where the old wound healed to mark my guilt.

I wasn’t even home. I was the snake in the drainage, breathlessly gliding towards the light to escape from the filth below only to confront the error of my ways. Thumped on the head.


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School’s In!

Her First Day

Her First Day

Dengan pseudo-crocs di kaki, beg Barbie pink di bahu dan bedak di tengkuk, anak aku melangkah masuk ke alam pendidikan formal pagi semalam.

Sedikit pun tidak membantah, tapi tidak pula nampak teruja, S bertanya “Buat apa nak pergi school?” bila aku mengejutkannya dari tidur pagi semalam.

Juga, apabila sampai ke tadika, tiada kata mahupun kucupan selamat tinggal yang ditawarkan buat mamanya. Terus duduk, tanpa sebarang drama, justeru menumpukan perhatian penuh terhadap permainan yang telah disediakan di sana.

Hanya bila melihat kelibat  mamanya yang lewat 10 minit menjemput pulang, S menangis. Marahkan mama yang lambat.

Mama memang selalu lambat!


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A in the administrative capital attending a course till next week and me nursing a toothache at home.

Question by S when she saw me laying on the bed looking forlorn:

“Husband abah pergi mana?”


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Haircut 100.

In Klang again. This time to visit Papa who’s been warded at HTAR since Tuesday for food poisoning. He looked well this morning, thankfully. He’s stopped crapping all over the place and has regained his appetite. Just this morning, A brought him some kuay teow and chicken sambal. An hour ago we drove to the neighbourhood pasar malam and got him some asam laksa. I waited in Riz’s orange Neo and listened to Capital FM (never heard of them, are they new?) and texted Starfish who was out looking for the second season of Dirty Sexy Money.

We didn’t bring S with us for this trip. We figured that the weather had been sucky and we’d be too busy to have her in our way. Well that’s the official self-assuring, guilt-assuaging version of it anyway. Truth is, we were not busy at all and although it was raining all day, she would’ve been fine. I was the one who suggested that we’d leave her with her Atuk and Nenek in Kuantan, rationalizing that we (A and I) hadn’t had time to ourselves for a long time. That and the fact that I can do the curves at 120 on Karak highway without S reprimanding from her baby seat (‘Slow down, Abah’).

So there we were, in front of the TV watching 4 episodes of Gossip Girl interspersed with deliveries to the hospital for Papa. Urgency? What urgency? So while waiting for A who’s having her hair done (at the salon just opposite our house) I sit to write this. While totally missing my daughter and regretting our decision to leave her behind.

Then again, it’s nice to be alone together. If I close my eyes and imagine real hard, it feels like back when we began dating. Only I used to have more say about activities. I used to be able to decide, on a simple whim, whether to go for a drive, watch a movie, or listen to some music together. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a say over what we do with our ‘together’ time. But its much simpler letting A entice me into her suggested activities and even when I don’t really feel like staying in and watch Gossip Girl all day, I get magically coaxed into staying in and watch Gossip Girl all day. And did you notice that Blair-Chuck makeout sessions get the best songs for soundtrack?

Right, A’s back. My turn for a haircut.


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Sunday Video 4

A live performance of Flume by Bon Iver is quite appropriate for this wet east coast Sunday afternoon, whilst debating (more like arguing) where to go for lunch, whether to change into day clothes or laze around in sleepwear. Also listening to horrid small town traffic congestion stories as a result of power cuts from people who had actually gone out to buy a sack of rice from dark, blacked-out supermarkets.


Went to see Twilight yesterday with A, Y and Chala. More like an extended tv show than a movie with a sequel definitely in the works. Teensy, cheesy but enjoyable nevertheless if you’ve been holed up at home all week, waiting for torrents to complete downloading. Then someone shuts your macbook to save it from learing imaginary house-breakers and all you can expect to download is torrential rain.

Got loaded on wack herb before the movie yesterday. Disoriented after the show, holding a coke in one hand and the exit parking ticket in the other, walked to the mall parking lot which was a cacophony of blaring horns. A combination of crap layout, impatient people and a PC fair had caused a congestion and exit traffic was at a standtill. We got into the car, drove a few levels up to find another exit. Found it and found out that I’d lost the ticket. Went back to where we originally parked and found the ticket beside the coke balancing precariously on the ledge I had inadvertently placed them.

Wack fucking herb. Gimme some more, P.


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Nenek’s Chocolate Cake


The Cake

Baked for A on her birthday last Wednesday. We planned a surprise party but the over-excited S blurted out the secret over the phone to her mama who was attending a course in Cherating. It was a good party though.


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