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kurang siuman – gelombang

This is by a band called Gelombang. I like it.

cuba keluar..
mungkin kau boleh lihat,,
si bodoh sana sini,
susah nak bilang….
anak yang kecil,
disepak,dibunuh bapa,
banyak penyamun,
senang senang untung…
oh dunia,sudah kurang siuman,
yang lemah akan dipijak,
apa nak jadi??
si anak gadis..
kalau boleh nak berbogel,
yang jujur semakin kurang,
penangan internet…
dalam rimba konkrit,
minda orang makin jelek,
jangan penat bertenggek,
mak di kampung susah hati
si politik, takkan pernah dengar keluhanmu,
makan tak makan janji aku cekik,
inilah lumrah dunia,
apa nak risau?
masih lambat untuk mati..
bini masih muda lagi…
aku banyak duit…
yang berkopiah,lokek senyum tamak harta,
aku keliru nak hormat yang mana satu?
nak hormat yang mana satu?


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Hello Conor Oberst, See you later DEP.


So ada la band baru yang aku duk dengar sekarang. Bukan band actually tapi this singer/songwriter called Conor Oberst. Sebelum ni dia ada band called Bright Eyes dan Bright Eyes ni aku dah terdengar/terbaca dalam media yang aku consume la. Siap ada name-dropping lagi dan berada dalam playlist ramai di kalangan blogger terkemuka tanahair. Chewah.

Anyway, aku takde stuff Bright Eyes dan aku rasa aku boleh bagi pandangan yang agak neutral bagi album ni. I’m treating it as a discovery.

Setelah sedikit research, material Bright Eyes (baca: album-album Conor Oberst sebelum ni), bersifat eclectic ie. pelbagai dan tidak stick to one formula. Tapi album  yang aku dengar ni, bertajuk Conor Oberst (Merge Records, 2008) mostly acoustic dan berbau country/folk. Aku tak tau sejak bila, tapi mamat ni sering dikaitkan dengan Bob Dylan. As in “Conor Oberst is the new Dylan”, you know? Dalam konteks sejarah muzik barat, satu perbandingan yang hebat dan membebankan buat si penerima gelaran. Mungkin versi tempatan bagi perbandingan ini adalah Cat Farish is the new Jaafar Onn. But I digress.

Perbandingan dengan Dylan sudah tentulah hasil daripada penulisan lirik Conor. Dari perspektif sesiapa yang celik sastera, tulisan pukimak ni memang tersangat tinggi nilai puitisnya. Rahsia puisi (for me at least) selamanya ialah makna, ekonomi perkataan dan kebenaran – lagu-lagu Conor ada ketiga-tiga bahan ini.

Juga dikaitkan dengan puisi Beat, tema utama bagi album ini ialah the road: kesunyian di jalanan, sinis dalam sedih, ulasan perasaan melalui objek-objek, pertuturan, babak-bakak rawak yang dialami seseorang ketika bersendirian menghadapi dunia menuju horizon yang tak sampai-sampai.



Terus kepada DEP yang telah mengucapkan adios semasa mengadakan show terakhir mereka di Little Bali, Cherating pada hari Sabtu Lepas. Kawan-kawan baik aku, antara manusia-manusia terawal yang berkongsi taksub dengan muzik yang pernah aku jumpa.

Awal 90’an di Kuantan, era Hijrah, arguably band punk pertama tanahair. Di atas court takraw Taman Aman, Bukit Sekilau, di Kompleks Teruntum menghirup pencetus alcoholisme utama Melayu Islam Malaysia: Rootbeer Float di A&W. Gig di TMS Dangdut, betul-betul di bawah bilik-bilik GRO-GRO seasoned, dan di Lips Boom Boom dengan basement stagenya, 300 tubuh basah menyambut Budin, stagediver dan taukeh kelapa terhebat scene kami. Terus dikejar Butcher, atau disepak kutu thrasher kompleks kerana tolong mengalihkan kereta Tamara di SABS. Juga penyepak Man Kola kerana salah pilih raja Grindcore Malaysia.

Seperti yang aku cakap kat Acai, aku tunggu reunion korang tahun 2015 nanti. Lebih awal lebih baik la kan. Takkan nak tunggu Celcom sponsor? Aku tak tau faktor apa yang motivate dia untuk disband. Tapi aku boleh agak. Aku teka sahaja berdasarkan persahabatan aku dengan mereka lewat 15 tahun ini. Tak payah dibincangkan di sini, sedangkan dalam realiti pun, mekanisme dalam mana-mana kumpulan yang berhasrat berkarya bersama adalah sesuatu yang amat abstrak dan sulit.

Acai adalah DEP, sekuat manapun dia akan menolak kenyataan ini, itulah kebenarannya. Fahamlah, itu bukan penghinaan. Passion, integrity, keutuhan niat. Itu yang aku baca dari lirik DEP. Kesemuanya dari pena Acai. Terus aku lega dan memujuk hati yang sedikit sedih. Manusia ini akan terus berkarya, walau hanya untuk aku dan beberapa teman, dan sekiranya kamu semua bernasib baik, kamu juga.


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Sunday Videos 5 & 6

I first heard this song performed by Bon Iver live while browsing his live performances on YouTube. Regardless of the fact that an over-enthusiastic audience spoilt a couple of moments of this otherwise perfect rendition, it is a beautiful, heartbreaking song.

Very rarely indeed that I am captivated by a song upon first listen, but yes, I went into frenzy looking for a downloadable version of the original, as I’m pretty sure her material will not be readily available locally. So the YouTube link below is current the only means to which I can listen to Sarah Siskind’s Lovin’s For Fools.

Other links:

Sarah Siskind’s Wiki

Sarah Siskind Homepage

Sarah Siskind at MySpace


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Background Music

bon-iverBon Iver’s album For Emma, Forever Ago has been shortlisted as one of Pop Matters‘ 60 Best Albums of 2008.

What strikes me most about the included short review written by John Bohannon is his remark that the material in the album are ‘not the type of songs you can play as background music; they demand your attention with every sitting’.

For the last 3 months or so, I have played the album to death. In any imaginable scenario, be it crouched in front of the laptop, listening to every nuance as Mr. Bohannon suggests or waiting for sleep with my iPod. Just this afternoon, I was lying on the carpet in the living room, S joining me in a rare afternoon nap, with the album in the backgrond.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s true that his music is engaging and drives you right to the edge of your seat at first. Especially when you take into consideration that he wrote and recorded this alone, in a snowy cabin somewhere in Wisconsin. But as you begin to familiarize with the emotions and moods it generates, it melts in the background and becomes part of your aural landscape. Whatever that means.

So yeah, it’s a great album. It managed to wean Y off her Paolo Nutini and even The Killers’ new album. It’s that good.


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Do the Tonggeng

The buttocks-displaying antics of Carburetor Dung’s Alak has sparked the interest of many. From the people in the scene inevitably, but also from the rest of the population courtesy of some laughable reporting in the mainstream media.

It’s an event that’s bound to happen, given the fine line we tread between what’s perceived as decent or otherwise in our socio-political lives. Yes, it’s just a performance and yes it’s supposed to provoke. It’s so unfortunate that this gesture indicating anger, frustration and defiance has been viewed as devoid of morals by certain quarters of the population. Although it is regretable that nothing can change the views of these vanguards of morality one is reminded that the majority of people in attendance are not accustomed to blaring guitars and gyrating frontmen, let alone one who’s menonggeng.

Even more regretable is the possible scenario that the crowd watching the band were wrongly provoked into thinking it was sexual innuendo referring to their leader’s alleged homosexuality. Again this reflects the ignorance and homophobia inherent in an intellectually maturing society. In this case, Alak’s gesture did well in sparking up debate over the issue.

It’s difficult to be anti-establishment but people will still be willing to fight for what they think is freedom. I have seen to what lengths the band has tried to make their intentions clear, even issuing a sort of statement that their main objective was to play for the masses and draw more people into a cause so close and real, NOT to attach themselves to this political party or the other. So kudos to the band for going ahead with it despite the possible repercussions which I’m sure they have already thought about themselves.

The idea that art is sometimes provocative is so alien to many of us. When confronted with ambiguous gestures we try too hard to understand and when we don’t, we get angry and frustrated. I’m not saying that everyone should start taking off their pants in public, but provocation works wonders in compelling people to start thinking beyond what’s obvious.

PAS must not run the country. The more progressive segment of the party will now have to think real hard about what the party stands for. They need a sense of humour and sophistication beyond the banter exchanged at surau parking lots regarding malam jumaats and ginseng coffee.

If there must be government, it should be secular. A scenario where thoughts are imposed (even more than what we currently endure) upon us along the lines of religion is frightening. Sure, I get religion and it’s peaceful, well-intentioned prerogative. When it’s used to trample over people’s rights, or paraded around as a badge to denote superiority and moral guardianship, then it’s a no-brainer: religious and cultural bigots must not get into power. That much is apparent.


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Innerview Issue #1

Out now! Issue numero uno of Innerview zine, the effort of editor Atie, spouse of DEP’s Acai. I haven’t actually gotten my copy yet, but judging from the pro-printed front cover listing a bunch of local DIY-Punk-Indie bands and an exclusive interview with blogging phenomenon Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar, it’s going to go out of print real soon, I suppose. So grab a copy now!

Innerview #1 has been circulated through two events previously (a gig at Wondermilk and a DEP set at the Pelita Hati gallery) and I suspect it will be sold at various local gigs as well. You can also contact the editor at the Innerview blog or visit DEP.


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Tentang Ladang Cili

Aku sebenarnya dah lama nak berkongsi link ni dengan semua: Blog Hang Kebon yang wajar mendapat perhatian. Bukan hanya kerana mereka kawan-kawan baik aku. Tetapi usaha dan niat murni mereka untuk berbakti kepada tanah adalah jauh lebih blogworthy dari gambar-gambar kasut disko atau puisi cinta tak sampai atau bebelan tentang kekejaman dunia. Layarilah blog yang lazat dengan kenaifan tanpa posturing atau onani intelek atau sarkas polemik yang membebankan blogosfera Malaysia dan dunia amnya.


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