Thank You Very March.

A hectic February gave way to what is transpiring to be manic March. I was away from school for a whole two week stretch; first attending a Digital Storytelling Workshop, then off to rehearsals for a concert to be played middle of this year. Even though I was spared from the 3-4 day annual Sports Day hustle, I was kept informed of the scores as they are relayed to me in real time through colleagues. My house lost.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, S started kindergarten on Monday the 2nd. A and I sent her to school that morning, half-expecting a big scene: a wailing S screaming for us not to leave her. Nope. Not even a whimper as she waved my wife goodbye.

I finally got the camera I wanted and have been in a shooting frenzy lately. Unchecked enthusiasm found me waking up at 6.30 on a non-working day to go to the beach and shoot the sunrise. It rained. I sat under the shade, with my tripod still wishfully up, talking to other thwarted morning swimmers. A dull but pretty memorable morning nevertheless.

I have also started a new photoblog. Come visit and tell me what you think.



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2 responses to “Thank You Very March.

  1. -acai-

    good job comrade. by the way, i can’t stop thinking of a cool band name… Silent Fart!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. The Silent Farts is indeed a good name. Might use it. Hmmmm.

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