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Yamaha AES620

Yamaha AES620

I’ve got an item for sale: Kak Yam.

She’s an AES620 Yamaha, Korean-made electric guitar featuring a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup and Gotoh tuners. She’s got a maple-top body and rosewood neck. She can approximate the warmth and roundness of a classic Les Paul at the neck pickup setting while the Duncans at the bridge provide ample attack for metalheads. She’s only been gigged 6 times and is in excellent condition.

I bought the guitar at Yamaha Midvalley in August 2007 for RM2,200. I’m advertising it at RM1,900 but the price is highly negotiable and includes a gig bag. Will accommodate testing and viewing in Kuantan, KL and the Klang Valley.

Reluctant but urgent sale.

Email all enquiries to


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3 responses to “Sticky: For Sale

  1. atie

    dah tak sayang ke kat kak yam ni? or ada cinta baru?? lagi power kot 🙂

  2. Masih sayang actually. Tapi perlukan cash untuk hobby baru: photography. Hehe.

  3. babe, you’ve been tagged.

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