3rd Period

Waiting for the boys with awkward haircuts and bright eyes to finish summarizing notes in third period PJ.

The diligent ones with brows furrowed, hand scribbling fast on orange tabletop. 

The idle staring into space.

The social congregating in small boy-islands, chattering around grey-legged desks.

One in a songkok brushing his finger tips through his classmate’s hair. Seated in the same chair. Dandruff removal ritual? Latent homosexuality?

A few restless ones have started to amble aimlessly around the room. Grins looking both stupid but uncannily all-knowing at the same time.

The sun’s yellow rays on their faces this cold January morning.

Murmurs steadily forming a louder rumble of crackling adolescence as we inch closer towards recess and life beyond classroom walls.


Filed under anecdotal

3 responses to “3rd Period

  1. hellomimosa

    this makes me miss being in school and watching everyone around me interact. very nice.

  2. I think school misses you too. 🙂

  3. Starfruit Starfish

    Kudos! *clap clap*


    *kesat air mata*

    Ok aku tau aku over.

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