Mr. Abah

Mr. Abah

Ms. Barbie Mariposa

Ms. Barbie Mariposa

I was doing some work in the living room when suddenly I heard a loud shriek from S in the kitchen, lamenting to her grandmother: 

“Nenek, Barbie Mariposa dah jangkit dengan abah!” 

I’ve had a whale of a time singing a screwed up version of a song entitled Barbie Sudah Buta, Tapi Tak Boleh Claim Insurance to my daughter ever since. 

She’s obviously not amused.



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2 responses to “Infected

  1. pakali

    mcm diary of the dead. he he.

    ke mu skodeng??

  2. yayamoksie

    adoi.saket tuu..get well soon k alonga kan hebat!

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