For little H, the long-fingered one.

First day Raya: no more sneak-smoking and playing hide and seek with the cleaning ladies at school. Back to afternoon coffee and something resembling an output of creativity hence this entry after a loooong hiatus. Happy Raya suckers!

With Ish now at a coffee joint. Damn this latte is good given the conditions within it is consumed: in broad daylight. After one-handed eating whilst driving all throughout September, I need to readjust to normal meal configurations ie. table, chair, cutlery and the absolute absence of shame and guilt.


I was with P at the hospital, in front of the delivery hall, staring at a set of decorative lighting blinking in primary colours for a good 8 hours or so. Waiting for the nurses to call him in to witness the birth of his first-born daughter. As calm as he looked, I knew P was scared shitless. The same kind of fear and anxiety I had experienced during A’s time delivering our S.

The relief on his face after the baby was delivered. A speechless moment after announcing to me (on the floor, against the wall, reading last year’s GQ) that the baby’s born and his wife is being stitched up. The weary eyes and the knees giving-in as he sank down and joined me on the floor. Brothers sharing a quiet moment of joy and thanks.

H: welcome to the family. It ain’t the best of families but it surely ain’t the worse either. Buckle up for the ride.

Addendum: As of 20th August 2008, Kuburan Dakwat is 2 years old. Happy Anniversary!


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7 responses to “For little H, the long-fingered one.

  1. pijo

    I was not scared….!
    neway, Thanks long! or should i call you
    Pak LONG? lol!

  2. pakali

    Congrats! and selamat raya. Balls.. hehe.

    *Teringat time abg aku dpt anak first..*

  3. Smurfette

    Congrats P!

  4. acai

    Congrats P!

    A sure addition to the Riot Grrrl posse… 😉

  5. ted

    congrat p ….rasa takut lak aku…turn aku tak lama lagik nie…

  6. Thee Dr.

    Can it be? A new addition to the long-dormant pages of Kuburan Dakwat?!



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