Sunday Video 3

I says yo. 🙂

This is some Indonesian dude on YouTube playing a cover of Padi’s Masih Tetap Tersenyum. But in a Jason Mrazzy jazzy style. His name is Iphan Handojo and he’s terribly good.

Shout outs to DEP, Ralat, Fascist Insect, Love as Arson, Carburetor Dung, Molotov, Kuchalana, Farmhouse, Delegasi, 18SGG, Tayar Sotong, Minority, Old Parasite, Teddy Freddy, Enslaved Chaos, Spirit Alcohol, Bani and the Soulwagon, Sampah Masyarakat, Onani, Apparatus, Odor of Aghast, By Side Off, Stone Crowes, FSF, Butterfingers, Malique.


* Play loudly or with headphones to fully appreciate. Minimal audio quality.


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9 responses to “Sunday Video 3

  1. Fascist Insect

    Hollaback whoop whoop!!!!

  2. acai


    on behallf of DEP and Minority…

  3. pijo

    This is what i call soul man!!!
    Kudos to Iphan!
    Love it!

  4. Kuantan Rock Generation aka KRG!

  5. Fascist Insect

    Oh yeah, by the way…

    Our new EP ‘Fall of America’ is out now anybody interested in serious distroing get in touch:



  6. Owner KD ni dah lupa password blog ke?

  7. Thee Dr.

    Tau…bertahun takdek post baru nih…naik gian plaaaaaaaak.

  8. Smurfette

    Dr, he has found a new lover. This blog, is no longer the menu on his table.

    A, tolong lah semunyikan PS3 dia.

  9. Thee Dr.

    Ahah!! In love with the PS3!!

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