Leaves, Butch Haircuts and DUI’s.


I have this ‘career advancement’ exam this Thursday. One I have skipped for two consecutive years. How am I preparing for it? By doing absolutely nothing. There are two papers, one of which (Kertas Khusus: Hal Ehwal Pelajar) I’ve passed. So I’m going to have to sit for the general paper concerning such fascinating areas of concern not limited to leave of absence, half-paid leave, disciplinary procedures, service records and other hang-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat matters. There must be hundreds of pages of circulars, memos and directives to go through yet I’d rather facebook while listening to Tom Waits.


Still in Klang, sitting at a coffee joint. Arrived Friday. Had a reunion high tea with a bunch of old friends. Great, comfortable fun. The chicken lorbak was yummy. Not so the flat buffet coffee. Took pictures and shit. S looking adorably butch in her Mia Farrow cut.

Then off to Smurfette’s for a swim and a joint and sandwiches and baked beans. Sat in one of those bubbly jacuzzis and imagined myself boiling in a huge pot of water. Had a 5-minute go on the household PS3. Some dirt racing shit. Gotta get me one of those. Dang.

Tapau’ed an assortment of satay at Awan Besar and off to Tarantula’s pad. Ate the whole spread and had a quiet jam on two acoustics on the balcony.


Watched the Chong Wei-Ling Dan match with Puyu at a tex-mex joint in Damansara. Not before 2 Salvators each at the bavarian pork knuckle place. Damn fine stuff. By the time we got ourselves a table at the tex-mex, we were well buzzed and gorged ourselves on wings and nachos and more drinks.

The game was over in about half an hour. We lost but it was fun cheering. There was also this ugly waiter at the joint who kept cheering for China. When the crowd (comprised of mainly chinese) booed him, he faced them and said “But you all chinese what?” Sheesh. Borderline-racist, but he had the gap-toothed grin to carry it off without being gang-banged. The crowd was too middle-class and apolitical to care anyway. 

Sped off in Puyu’s loud Neo. I’ve never known him to be a speedfreak but he was doing 160 and smiling. I remember texting a friend who was concerned enough to remind me not to drink and drive. Told her I wasn’t driving but a friend was instead. A drunk friend. Heh.


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9 responses to “Leaves, Butch Haircuts and DUI’s.

  1. Thee Dr.

    Haha!! Great story! Remember when we I came to your bachelor pad in Cheras and we used to call Puyu ‘Mr. GQ ’97’?! Shit was funny! I was such a street person (even) back then…!

  2. pakali

    ps3? gila best.

    kalo naik ngan drunken speedfreak aku leh jadi mabuk gak. hehe

  3. Dr, how can I forget. The Mamak fellers downstairs kept asking for you for months after you left. And what about playing Ric Ocasek’s (The Cars) songs at night by the balcony, completely sober and without even a trace of irony. Twisted Sister’s the game too.

    pakali, tunggu mu balik. Aku dah pasang turbo lori. Siap ah….

  4. Thee Dr.

    Haha!!I think I remember you mentioning that shit to me!!! But don’t worry-there’s gonna be a part 2 to that Cars jam-I know a lot more Cars songs now , believe me!!! Why just Twisted Sister? Let’s throw in some Quiet Riot and Dio!!!

  5. Redux11

    thanks for coming to the reunion..really enjoyed having Sophie and her Mia farrow haircut.. 🙂 lain kalik dtg lagik tau

  6. Thee Dr.

    Yeah, how’d you do?

  7. Redux11, thanks for organising. Will definitely come for the next one.

    Smurfette & Dr, didn’t actually go. I, urm, slept. Heh.

  8. funny i got that feeling you slept instead of taking that exam. heh.

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