It’s been a complete month of inactivity for my band and I expect the next few months will be ‘down time’ too, what with L’s due date and so forth. Gotta admit that I’m not really missing it that much. No wait, I might actually miss playing together if I can actually remember much of our sessions. Personally, it’s just that for me: the sheer lack of memorability. We either blast through a routine of covers or play lacklustre originals. Perhaps I should have more faith and maybe I’m being the usual negative ass. Or maybe it’s the weed. Wack.


Smurfette is coming tomorrow for a couple of days. Perhaps an early birthday wish is not out of order. Especially after the kind of mood she’s been in lately, 10 laps of swimming notwithstanding. Haven’t really planned anything overly extravagant but a couple of days lazing around without her hectic routine would help her relax and get refreshed. Might do a barbie on Saturday or maybe go for a riverside picnic or visit a chili pepper farm and pretend we’re RHCP. Heh. Kuantanfornication.


They’ve given me my MUET classes back and so I teach this bunch of bubbly Lower Sixers. Attitude and enthusiasm-wise, they’re among the best batches ever to have enrolled in this school. A briefing from their former teacher revealed that a few have even received distinctions at SPM level. Promising indeed and my expectations were naturally high. Until a writing test administered last Friday. They have a lot to do to get above average scores in MUET. Sample sentences:

  • My opinions the improved in order to attract more tourist to Malaysia because Malaysia is fullfil with colourfull culture.
  • In my opinion, we need to stories the interesting places in Malaysia in internet because we know that in era 2000 all people when they want good information, they must use computer to searching internet.
  • The local workers always choice jobs, their want a work like sit in office because have air-cond.

Hoo boy. Got a lot to do it seems. Cannot work like sit in office only because have air-cond.





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19 responses to “Trio

  1. Smurfette

    i is thinking, i choice chilli pepper farm. Can do jalak dance.

    *kepak kepak*

  2. Redux11

    letih ler nak baca essay camtuh, abis dakwat pen merah aku..

  3. Thee Dr.

    Saying that, though, they’re English is better than most white peoples Malay…and sadly enough, better than some of their English (case in point?) 🙂

  4. acai

    barbie? barbecue ke, barbiawakue? 😉

  5. Smurfette, *buat muka ayam. Esok kita beli air tin nak? Bawak gi kebun.

    Redux11, takyah correct semua ah. Underline je. Nak baca satu-satu, abis migraine. Macam best baca pasal tourism. Camana ko buat student ko actually read huh?

    Dr, true. Language is purely communicational but how do you offset that with people who think that there is a ‘proper’ way of relaying information?

    Acai, babi-queue. Weh t-shirt chairman mao selai. Have fun in the middle kingdom.

  6. shaha nizam time boh repeat balik la buat barbiawakue yer..ermm..bbqueue..
    kepak2 yer smurfette..hapi holiday yeah..

  7. kalau English tak paham, BM pun tak paham, hanya Mandarin saja paham, dah tu sombong pulak kalau suruh chinese friend explain, tamau pulak dia, rasa macam nak makan babi saja!

    “cikgu.. apa itu ‘Buta Warna’..”
    “color blind” (cikgu cuba nih)
    “puyau puyau.. blablabla(Mandarin)”
    “ikgisansigolakcipengkaucap!” (cikgu buat lawak bodoh kira 1-10 dalam hokian -itu saja yang tau!)
    “haha teacher..funny!”

    p/s : perlu tak makan nasi goreng babi?

  8. pakali

    kuantanfornication… fuh! cam best je! ha-ha!

  9. Redux11

    how i make them actually read? errr aku kan cikgu merangkap ‘enforcement officer’ dlm kelas tuh..kene paksa ler apa lagik..i know so dictatorial, sungguh melanggar etika communicative language teaching crap yg kite belajo dulu..heh heh..

    was just reading the previous comment..tgh imagine nasi goreng babi..hahahahaha

  10. This is so why I wanna be a teacher. Teacher are the not boringest proffesion in the world kan? Teachers’ lifes is fulfilled with colorfull essays.

  11. shaha, mu doksoh risa ah. Nanti ada rezeki, ada ah repeat biawaque.

    heartbeat, budak cina Form 3 kat Rompin masa first posting aku: “Cikgu, aku mau pigi jamban kincing”.

    pakali, memang best

    Redux11, communicative tak communicative pun kena mengajar jugak dak? The trend with our students tak lari dari senario masa kita sendiri belajar dulu: paksarela lebih berkesan dari sukarela. Kalau aku boleh jumpa Lower 6 yang baca even Harry Potter in my school, I’d be mighty impressed.

    magenta, teaching can be reaalllly monotonous too. Especially if you figure in all the clerical (lesson notes, exam figures, testing, marking) work. Colourful? Yeah, to the point of blinding at times.

    Didn’t know you wanted to be a teacher. Are you actually studying to be one?

  12. Redux11

    true true..paksa rela memang lagik effective dari harap they all nak menyukarela kan diri..sampai kiamat ler tak menjadik. Bebudak Form 6 ko leh gang ngan bebudak kadet aku…”Harry Potter? laaa ada buku ker miss..ingat kan filem aje” itu lah dialog they all yg aku rase nak hentak meja tuh..heh heh

  13. Yupe, it’s something I’ve wanted to do all my life. Cause all the interesting people I know have teachers as parents. Heh. And yes, I finally (read: very recently) had to chance to pursue teaching. Was actually in a different field before this.

  14. mengajar art mungkin kurang pressure kot (selain mereka cuba melukis penis dan aku buat-buat macam marah walaupun aku suka hehehe)

    mengajar art, ada studio sendiri, bawak slipper sendiri, bawa apron, laptop, ada wireless, haa.. inilah kerjanya!

    tapi mengajar ada kepuasan sendiri kalau memang minat.

    note : dulu ms weed nak jadi ustazah okeh! hehe

  15. acai

    Babi-queue? Hmmm..tang telinga yang sedap rase cam sotong..hahahaha!

    Tak dapat confirmation lagi untuk menonton sarkis di China. Got some visa restrictions due to the Olympics. Kalau tak jadi pegi bulan ni… mungkin kena pegi hujung tahun… atau mungkin tak payah pegi terus…

    Kalau aku tak jadi pegi, 23rd August join la DEP, boleh?

  16. Thee Dr.

    I’ll join D.E.P. for you man…I know the lyrics to ‘I Who Have Nothing’ and ESPECIALLY ‘Sweeet Lullaby’-we used to jam the hell out of that one when we lived at Jln. Penjara…and elsewhere too for that matter!!!!

  17. magenta, hope you’ve found your true calling. I’m sure that you’ll have a lot to contribute to the profession and to your future clientele.

    heartbeat, ms weed would make a great ustazah but already makes a great art teacher. Nice flags!

    acai, don’t know if I can make it on the 23rd cause I’ve got an exam to sit for on the 21st. Would love to play though. See first la. 🙂

    Dr., the good old Jalan Penjara days. Sigh.

  18. acai

    Dr, get your ass down here…pronto!

  19. Thee Dr.

    Hehe-Jln. Penjara was a luntaic asylum-you had 9 (!) guys packed into one room-the music was eclectic as fuck-we would listen to KoRn one minute, A.M.Q.A. the next, then Ephemeral or something like that…I mean it was happening-I managed to hold onto the place until like December ’97..but at the time Man Kola was around so the vibe was… a little sinister than it was with the other guys (to say the least)…

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