The birds, the birds

The birds, the birds, I do decree

They taunt and drop grey shit on me

O you, black one, with yellow eyes

Why stop in time to hear me lie

Upon return from sacred lands

and dark caress from holy hands

Did scorched dry earth your soiled feet tread?

What joy, rebirth, weave of new thread?

Thus spread your new star spangled wings

The mirth of life we now shall sing

In plain sunset doth we proceed

Your winged glory, my tarnished deed.



Filed under poetic

5 responses to “The birds, the birds

  1. pijo

    Lagu baru ke?

  2. marjerin, thanks bro.

    Perahu, errr wow?

    pijo, dok eh.

  3. pakali

    ni kalau baca sambil g kompleks ikan, boleh jatuh dlm air. eheh.

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