Another Alfatihah : Updated

A bizarre cosmic twist. In the midst of death are we the still-living ones struggling to cope with loss and to make sense of it all.

Merely a few hours after yesterday’s entry I received a phonecall from Toj informing me of Lan’s (Kuchalana‘s bassist) critical state in the ICU of HKL. I did not receive much information regarding his predicament and remember assuming that it was a road accident. A preliminary round of questions over ym with a few concerned friends revealed the horrific nature of the events leading to his death.

I am not among the lucky ones who were personally close to this soft-spoken, affable man. Of course I’d seen him play during various occasions and there isn’t a doubt in my mind regarding how musical and precise his playing was, providing the solid thump and intricate reggae basslines behind Kuchalana’s sound. Standing tall on the stage, eyes downcast, a smile on his lips and head a-nodding.

The first and only time we actually held conversation was mid 2007 at a restaurant in Pandan Indah. As a fellow musician aware of and very appreciative of his talents, I was struck by his humility and warmth and above all his transfixing smiling eyes. Another common ground we shared was being fathers to daughters.

I shudder at the thought of the girl losing her dear dad and curse the perpetrators of this barbaric and incomprehensible act of violence.

Lang, semula!


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9 responses to “Another Alfatihah : Updated

  1. Thee Dr.

    Senseless….but does anyone know what really happened?

  2. my point of view is = all has been set up! i just couldn’t imagine how suffering he is!

  3. Regarding the actual events leading to his death, details are slow to emerge. This could be due to the lack of eye-witnesses and the people who actually have some sort of knowledge (ie. close friends) about it are still very sore and shocked to actually divulge to us observers the frightening story.

    Perhaps it is better to let the matter rest and let time reveal to us the fate of the perpetrators. May they suffer for what they did.

  4. fara

    maybe arini aku akan jumpe mel (budak pompuan yg kuar ngn arwah malam tu) n she will explain everything…
    buat mase sekarang… 2 budak yg pukul arwah dah masuk lokap..n saksi utama(kakak mel) pon dah serah diri…
    sama2 doakan rohnya aman di-sana…

  5. fara, thanks for the info. Harap dapat berikan maklumat terkini kepada kawan-kawan yang simpati dan ingin tahu apa yang sebenarnya berlaku.

    Barangkali lebih baik (atas alasan menghormati keluarga arwah dan hal-hal berkenaan undang-undang) sekiranya maklumat sedemikian dihantar melalui email ke

  6. mari sama² sedekah al fatihah utk arwah.

  7. Wolf

    This is not the way this should be. This is not.

    My deepest condolences to the family and my heart felt “harap sabar” in this time of “dugaan” to all.

    Rest in Peace.


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