Downline Your Mama

One of the ‘perks’ of working in the public sector, specifically in education, is the continuous availability of ‘business ventures’ one is able to participate in, namely direct-selling and multi-level marketing. It is highly pleasureable indeed when one is skillfully coaxed into a conversation entailing the various healing properties of Bi* Aura filtered water or how one’s marital woes can be resolved when a miracle body-contouring corset is worn. It’s also heartening to listen to heartfelt testimonials and rags to riches stories and 200k incomes.

The annoying part comes when a cousin invites you to a ‘talk’ by this jutawan muda holding court at your local Seri Malaysia. He texts you with the usual ‘change your life’ pleasantries and you reply that you’ll try to make it to the event, you know, to be polite and shit. Then you ask each other about family. Apa khabar, kirim salam and other half niceties. How can you tell him that you’d rather take a crap then spend 5 minutes listening to some upstart babble about rising oil prices and how you can change your future simply by having more money?

The ultimate annoyance is receiving 3 event invitations to exactly the same type of opportunist, junk-peddling event from a ‘friend’ you hardly know through a social networking site. So Mr. Hotshot With Shitty Mustache in a Baseball Cap Posing With Shitty Car, get a life already.

I have my own MLM venture and earning more than Jaafar *nn and A fucking wie combined. Cosmetics. Flagship product: Losyen Pelembab Puting Seri Aura Manja.


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6 responses to “Downline Your Mama

  1. A

    sapa plak boypren baru u yg bermisai kucing nie?

  2. Thee Dr.

    Sounds like yer typical capitalist douchebag who likes to talk down to people…

  3. Yeah,Fucking kaps.They get richer as you work your ass out and they called it ‘change your future’.My ass.Keras kote 2-3 jam ada,bang?

  4. p

    I rather sell kueh ‘Badak Berendam’ than join this fucking “Change you future by making us richer” shit.

    Oh yea, to my ‘Dearie cuzzy change your future’,
    We ‘The Jalils’ are much more happier than your momma and your poppa ever imagine dude!
    Come and visit us, we show you how to have pure fun dude!

    Peace out!

  5. pakali


  6. Syibba Gojas

    Tengah pikir kezen mane satu..
    Macam tau je tapi macam tak tau.Sila bagi hint :p

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