Sunday Video

The perfect video after a couple of hours drinking with Long, Ud, Toj, Ron, Ren and Looch.

Shout-outs to Smurfette, Lucius, Magenta, pakali, AKAB, Sina, Ib, Leen, Reena, Heartbeat, Dr, Acai & Atie, P & L, Koj and Pol, Kom, Syibba, Ayieq, Y, Mr. and Mrs. Chalabala, Fiza, Ted, Jude Akhtar, Nurafitri Buradi, Jasmine Rochon, Afiza Oaten, Jules Azmi, Pokmang, Ledge, Idge, Pen, and Men.

Happy Sunday!



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9 responses to “Sunday Video

  1. p

    Gaji guru di Malaysia di kebiri tak?

    Lagu rakyat yang jujur dan spontan! Bagus!

    M.Nasir, wake up dude!! we dont need no world music! we need our music! music for people!
    a simple and good lyrics can change the world man!

  2. p, betul. M. Nasir sold out years ago. Sampai bila nak tulis lagu padang pasir for budak lawa nyanyi kat AF? At least dulu ada arwah Loloq boleh gak la tulis lagu yang ada artistic value. Sekarang? Phoenix Bangkit my ass.

  3. l

    Folk song yang catchy, lyrics yang compact, klipvideo yang naive.
    xperlu effect yang canggih2!

    Originally Iwan Fals…
    M.Nasir out of dated daaaa…..

  4. Thee Dr.

    Fuck M.Nasir and fuck the Malaysian music industry-he’s unleashed so much shit on the world…

    We don’t need to multiply
    We don’t need to multiply
    We don’t need to multiply
    We don’t need to multiply

    No need to multiply
    No need to multiply
    No need to multiply
    No need to multiplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. p

    Music is for you and me,
    Not the fucking industry,
    You fucking tell us what is cool,
    You see we come from different school,

    To us it matters what you say,
    Not the fucking games you play,
    You full of shit! Its plain to see!
    The whole damn fucking INDUSTRY!

  6. Lucius Maximus

    m nasir sold out once he left kembara…

    and he totally blew it up once he joined AF…

    what ever happen to song like ‘sesat di kuala lumpur’?!

    anyway, gaji cikgu malaysia mungkin tak dikembiri, tapi pasti lebih elok dibanyakkan seperti bulu biri-biri!

  7. Lucius, i thought the first 2 or 3 solo albums he did post-kembara were good. There was a continuation of the folk theme from his kembara days. And yeah, Sesat di Kuala Lumpur is a classic.

  8. Syibba Gojas

    Happy Sunday,Mate!!! Very much appreciated for the shout outs, rasa glemer plak doh..LOL

  9. ted

    mmm….walaupun ianya 1 lagu rakyat yg catchy..tapi meaning dier straight foward…iwan fals….that’s the man….
    biler ler muzik malaysia nie nak ada fighter yg tuluss…

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