Of lift drops, sad siamangs and student BO


Weird dream last night: I was hanging on to a bar on top or inside of a (multi-storeyed!) lift and it was going down real fast. Fast enough to induce some sort of motion sickness, you know that kind of sick feeling in the pits of your belly while you’re going down a roller coaster or some other sort of amusement ride. It didn’t help that just before the weird lift ride I was drinking some weird cocktail. At a bar apparently, made for me by this big mustachioed barman. Guinness was definitely in the drink as I noticed him taking a measure from the draught (I must really miss draught Guiness) along with other nameless clear liquids.


Went to a mini zoo yesterday with A, S, Toj and Ron. Had fun looking at this lone bear in a huge-ass bear pit (complete with cave!) who was sitting down on its butt, sucking on its paws and making these funny bear-paw-sucking noises. Saw a crocodile, two baby monkeys, a big-ass turtle who was as old as I am, a stork with scrawny legs pretend-fishing in a sad little pool, some ostriches and a loveless little siamang looking at us through the cage-wire, it’s long arms above him in a defeated, I surrender pose.


I just spent 15 minutes this morning photographing parent-teacher consultations in every classroom. It’s meet the parents day or known in our place as Majlis Cakna Ilmu. It’s good that I only have to take pictures. I’m not a form teacher who manages the class, collects fees and deals with parents. Otherwise I’d have to come up with things to say about their children which often are things they would be better off not knowing. Things like “Maaf puan. Anak puan busuk”, or “Yati ni pandai tapi agak gedik”.



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11 responses to “Of lift drops, sad siamangs and student BO

  1. Toj AND Ron… hmmmm. I wonder who they are… ;P

    Stail galok la, Sahar wei…

  2. That kind of sick feeling in the pits of your belly while you’re going down a roller coaster ? I love that feeling. I kinda equate it with the feeling of being high or getting an adrenalin rush. Hehe.

    Hahahaha imagine kalau a teacher really did tell a parent ” Anak puan ni pandai tapi gedik”. Terbeliak bijik mata dia nanti.

  3. acai, hehe

    mag, welcome back home. Say hi to boipren for me.

  4. Thee Dr.

    Dude…I think you need to see a shrink.

  5. Dude the shrink needs to come see me.

  6. mentallyaddicted

    taman teruntum tempat aku kejar beruk masa darjah berapa ntah, tak ingat… ehehehe.

  7. mental, ko kejar beruk ke, kena kejar dek beruk. And siapa cakap kitorang gi Taman Teruntum? Ada zoo baru. Kat esplenek.

  8. Smurfette

    itu je ke pilihan binatang kat sana?

  9. Smurfette, juga ular senduk, seladang, memerang dan pelbagai mergastua yang lain.

  10. Zoo baru kat esplanade? Tepi sungai Kuantan ke? Serious aku tak tau… 😦

  11. Syibba Gojas

    OMG Along!!! This entry buat i gelak besar,guling2 sakan…so nostalgic.I got that “anak puan ni pandai tapi kuat sangat menarinya (dalam bahasa halusnya gedik terkinja2)” when i was in standard 4.You cannot do anything when you have the “gedikness” blood,kan?I am gedik by nature and i wear that title with pride.But looking back, the teacher must be jealous,plus she’s anak dara tua,cannot get laid,so cannot blame her la! LOL
    I want you as my class teacher!!

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