Do the Tonggeng

The buttocks-displaying antics of Carburetor Dung’s Alak has sparked the interest of many. From the people in the scene inevitably, but also from the rest of the population courtesy of some laughable reporting in the mainstream media.

It’s an event that’s bound to happen, given the fine line we tread between what’s perceived as decent or otherwise in our socio-political lives. Yes, it’s just a performance and yes it’s supposed to provoke. It’s so unfortunate that this gesture indicating anger, frustration and defiance has been viewed as devoid of morals by certain quarters of the population. Although it is regretable that nothing can change the views of these vanguards of morality one is reminded that the majority of people in attendance are not accustomed to blaring guitars and gyrating frontmen, let alone one who’s menonggeng.

Even more regretable is the possible scenario that the crowd watching the band were wrongly provoked into thinking it was sexual innuendo referring to their leader’s alleged homosexuality. Again this reflects the ignorance and homophobia inherent in an intellectually maturing society. In this case, Alak’s gesture did well in sparking up debate over the issue.

It’s difficult to be anti-establishment but people will still be willing to fight for what they think is freedom. I have seen to what lengths the band has tried to make their intentions clear, even issuing a sort of statement that their main objective was to play for the masses and draw more people into a cause so close and real, NOT to attach themselves to this political party or the other. So kudos to the band for going ahead with it despite the possible repercussions which I’m sure they have already thought about themselves.

The idea that art is sometimes provocative is so alien to many of us. When confronted with ambiguous gestures we try too hard to understand and when we don’t, we get angry and frustrated. I’m not saying that everyone should start taking off their pants in public, but provocation works wonders in compelling people to start thinking beyond what’s obvious.

PAS must not run the country. The more progressive segment of the party will now have to think real hard about what the party stands for. They need a sense of humour and sophistication beyond the banter exchanged at surau parking lots regarding malam jumaats and ginseng coffee.

If there must be government, it should be secular. A scenario where thoughts are imposed (even more than what we currently endure) upon us along the lines of religion is frightening. Sure, I get religion and it’s peaceful, well-intentioned prerogative. When it’s used to trample over people’s rights, or paraded around as a badge to denote superiority and moral guardianship, then it’s a no-brainer: religious and cultural bigots must not get into power. That much is apparent.


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15 responses to “Do the Tonggeng

  1. Thee Dr.

    Politics corrupt religion.
    Religion corrupts politics.

    It’s as simple as that. This has pretty much become an international incident now-even though people may argue he should have gauged the crowd, it has serves a higher purpose-it has exposed the PAS and it’s members for the spectre of extreme violence that they are and also brought the homophobic/non-homophobic issue into the limelight, with possibly the most important element of all being ignored by some commentators-freedom of expression! From what I’ve understood he didn’t expose his butt just his shorts-and the shariahudud crowd went apeshit-which made the beating he received even more uncalled for. The band were gentlemanly enough to not press charges but I wonder if it’s out fear of the Islamofascists…what the fuck is PAS anyway? They haven’t done a goddamm thing to further Islam and they went into an alliance with centrist and left-leaning parties for the sake of political expediency-negating their religous street-cred. Who are PAS? They’re a bunch of burnt-out street people who studied in that backward hellhole called the Middle East who want to import the backwardness and misery into Malaysia ala ala the various Muslim Brotherhood organizations throughout the ME.
    But wait!!! There’s nothing about Islam in their party name-maybe…I’ve been mistaken. It’s called SEAGAMA so…why not let all Malaysians of faith , including Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. join? They wanna push the PAS brand on non-Muslims , right?
    But don’t confront them…oh no…they break out dalil this dalil that-guess what-they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. So fuck them, and fuck their lame, piece of shit excuse for a political party.

    PAS = Pembawa Ancaman Sebenar

    Thee Dr. has spoken.

  2. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

    The band claimed that they may have played for the wrong crowd.

    You think?

    Crowds of folks who think that it is impossible for an intelligent, married man to stick his schlong into another man’s butt.

    I used to think that I got into the whole reformasi thing because I was fighting against homophobia, and also for freedom of everything.

    How stupid.

    Wake up. The opposition is not punk.

  3. Thee Dr.





  4. pijo

    I hate everyone equally
    You can’t tear that out of me
    No segregation -separation
    Just me in my world of enemies

    I reject this fuckin’ race
    I despise this fuckin’ place

    Disciple – SLAYER

  5. Do the Tonggeng’ is catchy.

  6. atie

    alah, tonggeng sikit jee..nampak boxer warna biru. tu pun dah kecoh.. Apa la diorang ni. I was expecting more from some skin baby.. šŸ˜›

  7. semua dah kena pelem-punk! hehe.. ok la tu sesekali..

  8. Dr, there’s an idea, press charges. Very unlikely though. I kinda get the sense that the band’s damage-control strategy is keeping mum and letting the matter rest. All-out (accidental?) confrontation followed by (imposed?) pacifism. Hmm democracy is all about the collision of ideas.

    punk kampung, i feel cheated every morning when i get out of bed, man. That’s just out of dread of daily routine. Add the nation’s political farce to the equation and you get a hell of a lie.

    pijo, ni la lagu yang ko bagi your unborn child dengar kan? A bit frightening but exceedingly cool. Remember the baby’s uncle has seen Araya and co. live. Twice.

    Kumprinx, you think? Print a t-shirt.

    atie, tak pun spender rimau ke. Kena belasah dengan geng pemuda Islamic animal-rights activist puloook.

    heartbeat, hehe.

  9. Thee Dr.

    Atie-I agree-if you’re gonna get your ass kicked, at least make it worth it, knowmsayen?
    Sart-enforced pacifism indeed-if they (Carburetor Dung) try to say anything about it at this juncture, it’s just gonna be turned against them…I mean…you don’t know what the authorities might do.



  11. penglipurlara

    ohh disini kau thee dr yg aku benci

  12. Thee Dr.


  13. sumandakk

    thanks for this article, finally some sense!
    salams from the scene in Sabah

  14. POKTEHZUL, Mat Leh memang hensem.

    penglipurlara, hai, dah makan?

    Dr, hai, dah makan?

    sumandakk, salam back to the Sabah scene. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Thee Dr.

    Sumandakk-if you know any bands outta Sabah tell them to get in

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