Klang-Kelana Jaya-Kuantan-Temerloh

Left Papa’s house in Klang at about 12.30 pm for N’s wedding in KJ. Nice wedding, pretty people all around. Canned kompang troupe on the PA and such. No complaints regarding the food served. Left KJ at 2.30 for Kuantan. Brief stopover at a fuel station in Karak to change into travel clothes and to roll a nice little joint. Arrived in Kuantan at about 5.30. Unloaded luggage and all the hantaran peripherals. Took a shower. Was tired and groggy and serabut ayam and horny tak tentu pasal.

Switched on PC after shower. Thinking of some quiet time with A. S came in. Noise-noise, chatter-chatter, squawk-squawk.

“S pergilah tengok tv kat luar. Kalau nak bising-bising pergi main kat luar.”

“Tak nak. S nak watch tv kat dalam bilik”

Whereupon A suggested watching ‘Waterhorse’ in the living room. S acquiesced.

Relieved and made pre-mating glances and sounds at A who was sprawled tummy down on the bed. S came back in.

“Pak Ngah tak nak tengok Waterhorse.”

Hati terbakar, libido mengaum. Tapi maintain composure.

“Jom ikut Abah. Biar abah pasangkan”.

Tried to connect the DVD player to the tv. Wires everywhere. Fumbling with remote. Turned around to see Kom lying on the sofa. Oblivious. Fucking clueless.

“Mana wire dia ni? Apasal tak boleh pasang ni?”

“Mana aku tau, bukan aku yang pasang”

“Pesal banyak sangat wire ni? Tolong la aku sikit”

“Bukan aku yang pasang. Chala yang pasang semalam tengok Kungfu Panda“.



Kom muka bengang.

“Pesal ko marah aku ni? Apa salah aku?”

S who was watching didn’t want to be left out of the drama.

“Ha tu la Pak Ngah. Abah dah marah dah”.

“Ahhhh AWAK pun sama je!”

Stormed into the room. Took off towel, put on shorts. A still sprawled in front of telly. Me kepala (both) terbakar.

“Bullshit ah!”

She turned around.

“Apasal ni?”

Cue suami marah. Suami deprived. Suami jantan teraniaya. Suami tercalar emosi. Suami nusyuz.

Put on baby-blue ringlet T, grabbed keys, wallet, fags and stormed out of the room. At the door:

“S nak ikut Abah.”

A sitting on the living room couch,

“Tak yah ikut Abah tu. Kita tak deserve kena marah.”

Kom still lying oblivious on the sofa.

Walked to the car and screamed from outside through the window.

“Ha, just sit there and be fucking clueless, everybody. Fucking clueless”

So, drove to Temerloh. Not the highway, but the old route. Deathcab for Cutie’s latest, Narrow Stairs on the stereo.

At a stretch just after Maran, the old Honda I was trailing suddenly braked. When it drove away, I saw what caused the halt. A cat and its two kittens. Parked the car. Picked one of the kitties, the little white one. Brought it over to the other side of the road, weaving through sparse but still scary traffic. Left whitey there to pick up the others. Went back to middle of the road and picked up Mama kitty. But whitey had turned round and started running towards us as this huge orange Felda behemoth of a truck drove by. Luckily the driver saw whitey and slowed down. A few more minutes of to-and-fro’ing, I managed to bring all of them safely across. Walked back to the car with the cat family trailing behind me.

Me actually talking to cats,

“Jaga anak ko tu betul-betul. Kalau taknak kena marah, baik jangan ikut.”

Resumed journey. At Kg. Awah, just before Temerloh town, I stopped at one of those tomyam joints favoured by truck drivers and other denizens of the old Kuantan-KL route. Ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung pedas and air suam. Bitchingly pedas Nasi Goreng Kampung it turned out to be. The best gourmet experience I’ve had in ages. Watched Gangstarzz while I sweated profusely.

Sped back to Kuantan. Arrived at 10.30 pm. Went inside the room. Pujuk-memujuk episode.

Cue suami lega. Suami bahagia. Suami puas. Suami insaf.



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12 responses to “Klang-Kelana Jaya-Kuantan-Temerloh

  1. Thee Dr.

    Dope, domestic disputes, and a road trip?! This is what I call writing!

  2. Awww shucks Mitch Ribbis, you’re embarrassing me.

  3. Thee Dr.

    Yeah dude I was really getting sucked in to the story…and you pimped out your page!!!

  4. Just fooling around with the templates. I still like the way the page looks now.

    Finally managed to get my hands on the new Deathcab album. Been listening to it a lot and I already like 3 or 4 songs. Good drums and very inventive guitars plus hooky melodies. Thanks for the heads-up. Will definitely check out back catalogue.

  5. all this..sebab tak dapat???

    Thehehehehe (gelak sopan)

  6. Woooaaahhh…Fear And Loathing In Kemunting…

    But I guess that’s need to be changed a bit…

    “Fierce and Loathing In Kemunting”… Much better!

    I think Kom needs to get laid too… 😉

  7. undomesticwifey, errr antara sebab-musababnya la. Gi la beranak. Baru tau dapat tak dapat.

    acai, Kom needs a chastity belt and a job. Maybe a job as a chastity belt. Whoa.

  8. Thee Dr.

    Burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground
    And start new when your heart is an empty room
    With walls of the deepest blue

    Home’s face: how it ages when you’re away
    Spring blooms and you find the love that’s true
    But you don’t know what now to do
    Cause the chase is all you know
    And she stopped running months ago

    And all you see
    Is where else you could be
    When you’re at home
    Out on the street
    Are so many possibilities
    To not be alone

  9. Wah. Habis semua orang kena marah. Takutnya!

  10. Thee Dr.

    ‘Oh no , there goes Temerloh
    Go go Sart-zilla!!!’

    (Sung to the tune of ‘Godzilla’ by Blue Oyster Cult.)

  11. hahahha..
    kepala angin jugak rupanya

  12. Thee Dr.

    My boy’s like Mohammed Ali- ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!’

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