I want

image from the sartorialist

Gorgeous. Parks*n ECmall Kuantan sells Florsheims (which I still can’t afford) but they’re not as awesome as this pair by Gaziano & Girling. My last pair of wing tips were black and from Bata back when I was a 14-year-old with a Tommy Page haircut from Tona.

Image borrowed from The Sartorialist.



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16 responses to “I want

  1. Thee Dr.

    Are you for real or just joking…?

  2. I’m serious man. I’ve always been a closet prep-dresser. Won’t wear them to Terminal Makmur though. You wouldn’t think less of me would you?

  3. uish..wat g skoloh?ke coco loco?ehehe

  4. What Thee Dr meant was “Are you for real or just joking… about the Tommy Page haircut from Tona? ;P

  5. Thee Dr.

    It’s good to dress up sometimes…I definitely wouldn’t think less of you…and yes, Bata do suck-I’d actually forgotten about them-but I always liked Pallat jazz better anyhoo, knownsayen?

  6. A

    Trust me doc, he’s THE worst shopping partner, he’d go look at ’em pretty pretty shoes…then takes of about a million or so years to make up his mind, buy them and wear them for the longest time..seriously..his shoes last forever…me? I only take 10 minutes to decide and my shoes last me 6-12 months tops….

    babe, tan/brown again??!!! I thought you need black shoes??!!

    focus nyah focus!!!!

    apakata compile all those shoes catalogue from your men mags…GQ, Details….

  7. tarantula… cocoloco takleh weh, allergic. ehehe yariva

    acai, LOL thanks for clarifying that. Yeah I had a Tommy Page haircut but mine was better than his. Maximum front sway. You had your Bros haircut from Tona too?

    Doc, I beg to differ on the Bata issue. The ones I meant were bought for me by my dad for my first day at boarding school and I remember polishing them vigorously in anticipation of my first day away from home. And yeah, Pallat Jazz are the bomb. I remember yours, they were white?

    A, get me the ones above and they’d last forever. I’d wear them around my neck babe.

  8. Babe..nasib kita serupa….

    I thought I am the only one having problems when it comes to shopping with Hubby!! Especially when it comes shoes..sungguh cerewet!

    Tensi mex uolzsss…..tensiiiiiiiiii!!!

  9. Thee Dr.

    Shiiiiiiiiit-I had a couple -the most notable being the navy blue deck shoes I wore at our Cactus Club show on the 30th of March, 1997..and the maroon ones…I think I liked the maroon ones better though. I didn’t get why people were obssessed with brand names back then…I mean, the PJ were as good as Puma or Adidas…either that ir I’m just making excuses for being povertuy-stricken at the time :)…wanna hear sumthing gross?When we (what would become AGHAST and…Dayak and OG of course)lived in the Jln. Penjara room we had a big cardboard box full of random clothes and whenever somebody needed a t-shirt or pants (thankfully not undies, but I wouldn’t put it past) we would just grab something…talk about third world chaos…..

  10. Not really Bros haircut Sheriff, more like a Vanilla Ice or NKOTB kinda shit. With that shaved lines above the sideburns… and not gettin’ that from Tona though.

    The guy was a self taught barber (mobile) and doing haircuts for sticks of cigarette. Dead cheap for a “cool” hairstyle “then”. 😉

  11. Thee Dr.

    Tona…there’s a fuckin’ hottie-NOT!

  12. pakali

    gilo kasut.. ha ha

  13. Thee Dr.

    Also Sart…would it be cool if I called you?Just to b.s., etc…if so e-mail me your digits and a good time to call (Malaysian timezone)…hollaback now..

  14. Dr, Tona’s a makeup artist/beauty consultant to the stars now Mat. I’ve always liked her cause I think she’s great at what she does. The number’s in the mail.

    acai,like Jordan Knight was it? I think you would’ve looked way better with a Joe Mcintyre haircut. Haha. But the best haircut you ever had was the no-haircut look buddy. I remember waking up and seeing this huge mass of hair (attached to you) in the middle of the living room in Sri Mas. Then we’d go and have Lipas Padprik at Taman Tenaga.

    pakali, tak jumpa pun flipflops lacoste yang ko beli tu? Damn.

  15. Thee Dr.

    Yeah I liked floppy-hair Acai better too…

  16. LOL. Thanks for reminding me of that ‘lipas’ incident. That was totally gross…I thought it was a shrimp by the way. ;P

    My mom said I looked like apek scenario back then. 😦

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