Coffee stains

Like coffee staining my shirt

Like sleep marks on a sullen pillow

Like brown puddle on muddy fields

Like dream when there is no sleep

Like prophets without followers

Like a broken journey home

Like walking on rain-soaked streets

Like a loud whisper on am radio

Like dandruff or dead skin

Like headless showers and sin

Like misleading roadsigns

Like bad fiction

Like a fallen star

Like sweaty embrace

Like canned heat

Like these lungs



Filed under poetic

9 responses to “Coffee stains

  1. princesspurplestarfish

    headless shower? eeee… momok!!

  2. Thee Dr.

    So what you’re trying to say is you smoke too much…:)…hey I just noticed I’m not a Mooninite anymore….

  3. starfish… momok yang berbulu

    Dr… not like there’s anything to smoke that’s not overpriced and limp as shit.

  4. A

    what’s a mooninite??!!!

    majistret? loyar? ahli musik??!!!

    say WHAT???!!!!!

  5. Thee Dr.

    Not to mention moist and green…Mooninites have nothing to do with magistrates or lawyers…they’re those square -shaped aliens from the moon on ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’-my green snowflake persona resembled one.

  6. A

    sounds very Shrek-y or that green slurpee I had the other night….association of all things green…heh

  7. Hi. Just started reading your blog recently. Have been a silent reader for at least 2 weeks actually. Hehe.

    Anyway I really like this entry. Macam best je kalau buat lagu.

    And also, are you a teacher? What do you teach? Just curious. 🙂

  8. magenta… just came back from your excellent blog. Will definitely return. Slow down kid, you’re embarrassing a lot of us (much) older ones. And yeah, kalau ada adegan kissing dekat wayang antara dua orang buruk”, saya akan tengok.

  9. Akan tengok? That’s good. That means you aren’t as superficial as 99% of the population. Hehe. Ala, you’re making me big headed with these compliments. Btw, I just tagged you!

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