Pontianak Jantan

Before despair hit Juita she was a beautiful girl. An oval face with a pointed chin and a ready smile. On a particular evening, beside the straits of malacca, on a balcony overlooking the pool and construction on the shorefront, she shone. Giving out light.

I lighted her cigarette afterward and we watched tv. It was Zaiton we were watching. In black and white, Sudin knocking bottles at his window, a motorcycle on the roof and noisy neighbours.

I was on the sofa and she was on the floor. My knees at the back of her neck and my eyes transfixed as she tightened her scrunchie. I squinted at the smoke she exhaled.

“You’d look good in glasses” she said.

“I wore them for a while in secondary school. It was totally a vanity thing. I lost it in like a month. Nerdy tortoiseshell type.” I reminisced.

“Well you should wear them now. I think you look better with glasses on. Like rectangular ones. I like those,” she offered.

“Yeah like the ones Nassier Wahab rock. Slightly tinted. You know why?” I asked


“Because he’s a vampire. Think about it for while. He’s like what, forty? Jeez, he’s fucking immortal. And those lips, man.”



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7 responses to “Pontianak Jantan

  1. Thee Dr.

    ‘Surreal Literature Theatre ‘ presents…

  2. pergh misai tu yg mahal tu…

  3. Thee Dr.

    ‘The Misai Man’!!!!

  4. heartbeat

    nasiaq wahap!

  5. acai

    Okay gak… tulis lagi…

  6. Acai… thanks.

    Fiza… I’ll take that as a compliment.

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