Notes on EC

Tonight, Enslaved Chaos will jam for the second time after an extended hiatus. I’ve been playing guitar in this band since 97. Mat, our original vocalist has gone back to his kampung, so to speak, in the US. Kojek, the bassist is busy raising a young family and building a reputation in the art scene as painter and installation artist. Penter (drums) has gotten himself a job and a girlfriend while Meny (guitars) is in between jobs.

Both of them live here in Kuantan and three of us started jamming last Monday. It began nervously, Meny struggling with the studio guitar and the nasal peavey amp, me readjusting my ears back to the noise we generate and Penter having to stop the song when he misses rolls and shit. But after about 40 minutes, it came back together. Of course there was no bass or vocals but the structure of the songs emerged amidst all the sheer volume. I like Sick of You and We Want Some Violence.

Meny has a copy of our release on CD. I might take-up Mat’s suggestions for setting-up a myspace page for it and maybe future releases. Sure, if it’s a group effort. He’s already emailed me the lyrics for all his songs. Brilliant, if I may say so. I’m not being negative but under the present circumstances, given the scarcity of rehearsal or even communication between the band members, it might take some time before anyone listens to a new EC release.

We do have good unrecorded material though. I mean, compared to a lot of bands in the current scene, I think it sounds more cohesive than, say, Apparatus. Onani is not bad though. I like FSF too.


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29 responses to “Notes on EC

  1. owh…kem salam penter eh..

    *mata kelip2*

  2. princesspurplestarfish

    owhh.. kemsalam.. aa… meny yek.

    (nak jugak tuuu).. hiks

  3. kemsalam sendirik. ko kan pergi? kalau jadik la gig tu…

  4. Thee Dr.

    Yes!!! My niggaz!!!Yeah,you should absolutely set up a myspace page for this shit–there’s tons of old photos and shit that various people have…just put up the whole EP in the player to re-introduce people to the material and have Jeppz do the artwork–look at the default pic for FxIx’s page as well as the default pic for ‘The Leader’–he did that and it owns ass. ‘…more cohesive than say,Apparatus..’-ha! Back in the day we were better than most bands based on sheer energy and ‘fuck you’ attitude alone. Better than say,Chronic Mass with their yuppie-ass pussy-core…oops,I mean posi-core..hehe…but yeah,I’m waiting for ‘pt.2’ of this ‘E.C. watch’ veeeeery intently…hehe…peace!

  5. princesspurplestarfish

    *moncong peluk tubuh hentak kaki*

  6. Well we didn’t get to jam after all last night. Penter and Meny conveniently decided to inform me, just as I arrived at the terminal a few minutes after 9.30 (the agreed time) on the phone that they’ve forgotten or didn’t have cash or something.

    Sorta frustrating but entirely typical. Wish us better luck tonight. And Meny and Penter… Fuck the both of yer sorry asses, but no love lost in saying so 🙂

    The myspace page will be up once EVERYBODY in the band gets noticeably excited about it. You know, when we manage to divert our attentions from err life or whatever.

  7. meh kasik aku lirik.
    boleh aku sing a long nanti.

    izzat, aku dah minum air masak 7 baldi.
    arini aku batuk plak. cis.

  8. Thee Dr.

    Fuck that excuse shit–shit like is what makes me apprehensive about…well E.C. in general…I mean,it’s hard work being in a band–it’s like having a second job.But yeah,you’re absolutely right-t.y.p.i.c.a.l…..but you should still put the E.C. page up anyway–if nothing else as a tribute site–I think this might get those fools excited instead of the other way around and create the *”’synergy”’* that everyone needs…’divert our attention from life..’–hehe-nice one-but really those guys should ”’divert their attention”’ from being lazy and apathetic–you got what now, 6 days?

  9. Well we managed to jam tonight. Three of us plus Pijo standing-in on bass. I did give a few snide remarks to the usual suspects and almost felt sorry for it. But I wasn’t like rude or anything like that.

    I think tonight’s session was better. We got most of the chorus/verse breaks alright. And the addition of bass helped with the general heaviness. No Pity was a blast. So was Chaos Mosh. Couldn’t do the leads like in the record tho coz the guitar I’m playing has got a fixed bridge. No divebombs. And Meny will be playing my other guitar, which doesn’t feature humbuckers. But it’s got a meaty bridge pickup. Will have to tinker with the amps for his sound as well at the gig.

    Got the CD from Meny. It’s ripped from an original tape and the audio ain’t that great. But it will do. Had a blast listening to it in the car, sharing a joint. Yeah I’ll give you a buzz when the myspace is up. It’s just too… i don’t know… somewhat sad if all was left rotting into oblivion.

    I’m beginning to get antsy about the show’s still unreleased flyer though. It’s less than a week away but still no sign of it. Crossing my fingers though.

  10. Thee Dr.

    Okay,so that’s good–Pijoe is good-if Kojak doesn’t make it to practice get P to play–I know Kojak’s head–if he sees the other people fucking around,he becomes skeptical.’…almost feel sorry for them’–that’s your sensitive side coming out–repress it!!!These are grown-ass men….ha!’No Pity For The Majority’–that’s a good-ass song..’Chaos Mosh’–yeah!!We wrote good songs (patting self on back :)But seriouosly,irregardless of what happens,set up a myspace page…I’ll help you write the bio,etc. if you need help–but don’t treat it like a tribute just be as up to date as you can with whatever info you may acquire…no flyer…?Hmmm….kinda fucked up–how’s the word of mouf promotion tho?

  11. A

    Thee Dr….where got la irregardless…irrespective got la…huhuhuhu….

    *grammar police makes another round*

  12. pijo

    bapok bestnye jam dgn enslaved!!
    rasa macam jam dengan slayer!!
    cuma Tom Araya je xde..

  13. Thee Dr.

    I know there’s no ‘irregardless’ but I used it anyway…Pijoe…are you comparing Enslaved Chaos with Slayer…?Whoooaaaaa………………………dude….I wanna have your children.

  14. acai

    ” Will we live or will we die? Continue to survive…”

    All hail Enslaved Chaos!

  15. Thee Dr.

    *tearing up*

  16. acai… and all hail ‘suatu kuasa dan kimia’. 🙂

    Dr… ‘that’s your sensitive side coming out–repress it!!!’ hehe

  17. Thee Dr.

    I know man…just disregard that last comment….I think it was caused by watching Ella,Search and Candy on youtube all day..I’m such a rock jiwang fag ….(in raspy Charles Bronson voice:’For me it’s Marching Bands of Manhattan’ by Death Cab For Cutie…I’m not made of stone ,ya know?’ 🙂

  18. Thee Dr.

    Hmmm… so I’ve been keeping an eye on ricecooker and there’s no sign of a flyer–have you talked to Joe about this? He’s all ‘We’re going to Indonesia’ and shit at the moment–no mention of this show. Saying that tho,a word of encouragement–if this show is not as good as you thought it might,just consider it a rehearsal–if it does not happen,you have plenty of time to practice and tighten the shit up. So…………have you guys practiced with Bart and Kojak yet………………..?

  19. Yeah tell me about it. I emailed him yesterday but no reply yet. This could mean two things: 1) CD won’t be playing but the show goes on or 2) There will be no show.

    If there is no show, the possibility of jamming with Bart and Kojek is quite a long shot off because frankly speaking Meny and Penter will lack certain resources to simply up and leave just to jam. But perhaps I’m just being negative there.

    If there is no show, I’ll suggest a trip to KL but at the same time, a visit from our KL-based counterparts here in Kuantan will be much welcomed. Oh shit tarik tali time.

  20. Thee Dr.

    Yay….not. Seems pretty problematic–who’s in KL and who’s in Kuantan at the moment…can you organize another show,p’raps?

  21. ted

    finally…e.c has come back from tidur yg lama….hehehe…lamer aku tak dengor “we want some violence”….heheheh….arrrggghhhh….

  22. ted… macam tak jadi je gig 1st May. Tapi agak selamat untuk mengatakan EC kembali beraksi (walaupun dalam gerak perlahan).

  23. assmmm

    rasa macam nak pegi tapi skolah aku ada ahri ubu bapa n guru….bowink…..puah doh nih idup gini….

  24. tarantula

    bende gok mu…

  25. atie

    Dammit. gig cancelled. Takpe EC..sum other time..

  26. Thee Dr.

    Methinks yer right,Izzat,about this show not happening-it might have been a social-engineering ploy by Joe Kidd to re-unite Enslaved Chaos–but all he had to do is call VH1 and do an Enslaved Chaos episode for ‘Bands Reunited’ (what?) :)…but seriously,take my humble advice on the matter…you guys are still young -you got a long career ahead of you-ironically,it’s easier to form a musical career in Malaysia than it is in the U.S…it’s a more tightly-knit scene with less competition…and if you have your own gear?You’re a total demigod!Unlike,say America where your band and 200 others in your neighborhood are good/have their own gear/practice space,etc….so do the damn thing,knowmsayen?

  27. atie… hehe next time kot. Kena plan gig selaras dengan hari ko masak udang butter. Yum.

    assmmm… doh nok wat guane. Benti saloh kije pun saloh. Hehe.

    tarantula… menda toh.

    Thee Dr… ‘a social-engineering ploy’? Haha, I highly doubt it since he’s been having these May Day gigs for a few consecutive years now. And probably a big part of it (asking EC to play) was instigated by the relatively significant interest you generated at ricecooker’s comments section. It kinda brought about the notion that EC is still ‘relevant’ hehe.

    A short report: After a rehearsal at the infamous Terminal Makmur last Monday, I was telling Meny and Penter about the possibility of the gig being cancelled. They said no problem since they’ve already bought bus tickets. So the three of us agreed to just go to KL to jam as a complete 5-piece. But lo and behold, yesterday afternoon I received a text message from Penter informing that he won’t be going after all, since Meny backed out first. Hehe. Draw yer own conclusions.

  28. Thee Dr.

    Oh shit…so it’s all my fault……..I suck. Saying that tho I didn’t realize how much interest it would generate…I mean I was mainly reminiscing,etc…knowmsayen? So these bozos wanted to go up to K.L. to jam and then–kaput?Kinda shitty…but then again…I know how this shit goes–one thing I’m curious about this whole quasi-debacle:where was Kojak the whole time?But even tho it was kinduvva misfire,I still think the Chaos is more relevant than ever:I mean look at the amount of ‘crossover’ bands proliferating now…as far as I know there weren’t any before us…so…in the words of the N.W.A.: ‘Think about it,’

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