A rough pre-mastered copy of my band’s first demo is available below. This was recorded at XSid Studio, Indera Mahkota by Bani from 2.00 to 11.00pm on 13.04.08. Some cleaning up needs to be done in the final mix. We also need to record new main and backing vocals .

Di Sini Demo 1.0

You can also go straight to the host site if the above link fails or come to our blog.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Malaysia License.



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9 responses to “Phew

  1. Thee Dr.

    And can ENSLAVED CHAOS be far behind..?!

  2. pakali

    Di Sini is a beautiful song. Tengah repeat2 je lagu ni. hehe. Download!

  3. Dr… would love to rerecord. Lemme see what can be done financially and commitment-wise from the rest of the band. Your involvement in terms of vocals will be greatly appreciated though, provided you are so inclined to come all the way to these backwaters.

    Pakali… thanks.

  4. dah.
    aku dah download dan dengar Di Sini.
    seperti yang kau bilang, kena polish dulu kot.
    ditambah vocal aku, pasti jiwa!

  5. mental… thanks for downloading. Akan dipolish sekilat-kilatnya.

  6. Thee Dr.

    *bleng bleng**

  7. exoticasyibba

    Went to backpackers lounge in Northbridge and made them listen to “Di Sini” sambil melayan husin.Aweks aweks international suka rhythmnya walaupun tak paham apa uols nyanyi.Harap maklum šŸ™‚ Layan!! Congrats along!! xoxo

  8. exoticasyibba

    Eh..lupa plak nak pesan.Since you dah upload lagu ni, sila la ke untuk memview dancing video i, baru upload.Jangan lupa cakap kat S,”ha..inila aunty kamu yg gedik,yg berangan nak bukak dancing studio tu”..hahahahaa.

    P/s: Takde bakat main music,menari ikut music pun jadi la..apa mau buat.. *roll eyes*

  9. Syibba… cool gila. Nak gi Northbridge juga la. For the husin, not the aweks aweks international. LOL. Layan!

    Tgh bukak your youtube link… *jaw dropping. OMG woman, you can move. And setting up your own dance studio is just naturally the next step dak? You’ll make it, I have the feelings in my bones.

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