Big Foot and Cheeky Monkey



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28 responses to “Big Foot and Cheeky Monkey

  1. peachew

    bapok besor kaki!!!!

    mari kita panggil izat bigfoot mulai sekarang!!

  2. Thee Dr.

    Talk about beauty and the beast…

  3. peachew… tokmu.

    Thee Dr… look who’s talking. 🙂

  4. pakali

    peluk! peluk! walaupun dipaksa..

    cian S .. hehe.

  5. pakali… mana ada paksa wey. Dia sendiri nak panjat. Pandai je ko buat teori. Tak kesian ok? Budak tu impossible.

  6. princesspurplestarfish

    Mak aih peachew.. anggun muka kecik wordpress ko yek. And Zat, tok peachew bukan tokmu jugak ke?

    Kaki sure busuk kan.. tu pasal la muka si S gitu gaya. Aku simpati.

  7. Auw….betis bunting padi uolszzz….*buntingkah?

    Enche..harus di waxkan bulu betis itu sebelum mengambil close-up gambar kaki occay!!

  8. Kaki busuk ke, tak wax ke, masih mengujakan kamu berdua kan? Tak nak ngaku takpe. Aku faham korang dah berpunya.

    ps. Tokmu tu compliment sebenarnya.

  9. princesspurplestarfish

    *muntah darah mulut buih sawan*

    Aku lebih rela kena segala di atas dari teruja dengan betis bunting gajah ittew…

  10. Thee Dr.

    Oh…I get it…you were talking about me and Ina Blowjob…we know who the ‘beauty’ was in that case **googly eyes**

  11. tarantula

    ahahaha..giler ah classic nama tu.ingat .ina blowjob,ingat ain gigi,asrul body katang..zaman belakang mara…

  12. pijo

    asrul O.G ke?


    For yer info Dr, Ina Blowjob sudah kurus sekarang.
    Kurus macam model wa cakap lu!
    Tak caya tanya Dayak…

  13. Comelnya bigfoot tu..

    eh silap. comelnya munchkin itu.

  14. Thee Dr.

    Kurus macam model?So apalaga , hook me back up wither la…:P

  15. acai

    Ina Blowjob? hehehe. Mane se ah?

    Asrul OG badan katang…klasik…

    Dayak? Lagi klassikkk…….


    p/s: Joe Crumbsucker? Lagiiiii klasssiiikkkkk

  16. NeEM… LOL.

    Dr… if I hook you up, will you be able to come all the way here? She doesn’t do tele-conferences y’know…

    acai… zul kecok? classic gok tu.

  17. Thee Dr.

    Ina Blowjob was the one with kinda auburn I guess you’d say hair..she had kinduvva nice body…she used to go with Don , then she stalked me for a while…Zul Kecok…I haven’t heard that name in years ..but if you wanna talk about the Teruntum crew you had Yie Schizo, Ayah, then in Tanjung you had Yie Kerabat , people like that…Zul Kecok was a fuckin loser, tho…

  18. heartbeat

    sampai bepeluh la nak angkat kaki tuh!

  19. acai

    Dr… “then she stalked me for a while”

    Ain’t it supposed to be the other way around, eh? ;P

  20. Thee Dr.

    Hahahaha-no but seriously–I was sitting in front of KP (big shocker there) she had just broken up with Don and she was like ‘Kita main dua?’–I remember thinking ‘That easy?Well okay…’ So we just kinda kicked it til she got bored with me…maklum I didn’t have shit back then–sometimes I worked, sometimes no, always drunk or high-you know how it was-looking back at it now I feel kinda bad because she used to be Don’s girlfriend but I’d probably still go with her …iImean it’s been 11-12 years…she on myspace? (I mean, not that I care..kornonnye):P

  21. Dr… I don’t even know where the hell Don is. Let alone Ina BJ. I bet she’s on myspace though. I don’t think she registered under her infamous nickname though. By the way, I never knew why she was called that anyway. Care to explain?

  22. Thee Dr.

    Don..hehe he probably works at a cough syrup factory-funny thing about him was he was obssessed with A.M.Q.A.-it was fucking wierd…it would be funny as hell if she was registered under her infamous nickname…shiyyyyyeeeeet I wish I found out firsthand just exactly why she was called ‘Ina Blowjob’…but heavy petting only unfortunately…hehe..I think Dayak gave her the nickname..or maybe Meny…one of those Mara building kids…speaking of which…that place was a fucken opium den…hehe ..I should know…hehe

  23. acai

    Dr…What’s so weird about being obsessed with AMQA? EC reminds me a lot of them by the way. Not to say musically, but more on the attitude, lyrics and energy… Yup, energy! Hell yeah!

    Last time I checked there’re 3 of their songs from “Mutant Cats From Hell” loaded to this page.

    Try listen to the song “Mutant Cats From Hell” and you’ll be right behind Don in the “obsessed” queue. ;P

    p/s: I’m right in front of Don in that queue. Before me should be Wan Setan… ;P

  24. Thee Dr.

    Wan Setan…hehe..there’s another character…Spririt Alcohol…hehe..I remember they tried to re-constitute that band with a different line-up…it was Nazee on vox,I played bass and there was a couple of other people..Wan Setan was sitting in as a ‘spiritual advisor’, I guess you’d say…but we weren’t feeling it…knowmsayen…we sucked!!

  25. Heh, sorry, randomly clicked links. Random comment.

    Couldn’t resist this pic. Probably one of the best shots/moment of a kid I’ve ever seen, although a bit too harsh with the flash, but… being technical is invalid here. So scratch that. Love it.

  26. Sue Anna… thanks. A real compliment from somebody who knows her shit.

    The flash situation had worsened when I photoshopped this image though. Needed better contrast at the expense of those dark shadows. Or am I just talking crap?

    I am not worthy, master.

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