Blackberries are for husband abusers

A is getting a new Blackberry as a belated birthday gift from her Abang. She hasn’t even gotten her hands on the damn thing yet but there’s been gloating and smugness: I have a new toy and you didn’t buy it for me.

I can use it to text, with amazing speed, an ad guru’s lookalike of a colleague to update each other on scrabble scores. Or receive naughty messages from naughty Datuk bosses.

Or I can take cleavage pictures, and caption them invitingly to post on my FB profile or my blog. I’ve deleted the FB account but I can set-up another, sexually-ambiguous one. With my new Blackberry.

Or maybe hit my husband’s head and leave keypad imprints – all 374 of them – on his lying bastard of a face. All achievable with my new Blackberry.

That vibrates and is just about the right size.



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8 responses to “Blackberries are for husband abusers

  1. A

    sorry I only use plastic chairs as weapons..never expensive gifts and a gadjet to be used as weapons of destruction….

    or maybe I’ll ask Luscious Lucius to kick your ass…heheheh..

    did you do something that would require an ass-kick? sila isi borang 6A untuk pengesahan.


  2. No ass kicking necessary. Sila isi borang 6A-Bil. 3/4 untuk pembatalan arahan menyerang.

  3. setuju setuju….sebaiknya use plastic chairs as weapons…walaupun murah, impact nya lagi kuat dari sekeping blackberry yang mahal!

    heh..entry nih berbaur ke-jeles-an ya??

  4. Jeles? Mana ada jeles? 🙂

  5. “That vibrates and is just about the right size.”


    oh and A, please fill in borang 6A-Bil.103/544 with lampiran B, C and D to request me kickin’ hubby’s ass

    or whatever! LOL!

  6. Ouch… LOL. She’s perfectly capable of doing that herself. Buat bazir kertas je siap lampiran.

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