Post-Birthday Blues

Woke up at 1.00 today. It’s almost 4.30 now and I’m still trying to finish last night’s beverages. You know, before my parents get back from the sequel to last week’s wedding. Get the house back to its usual Hadhari state and shit.

The band were here last night. Along with Toj, Ud, Wan As. Some singing and candle blowing at around 10. Caught up on some guy gossip. Of whose mentol is menyalaing and such. Great fun.

Went out for a drive in Tojeng’s VW. P driving and L in the passenger seat. I was with S in the back seat. Me wowing the ride and S actually getting lulled by the combination of The Smiths on the stereo and the incessant humroar of the engine. Great ride, Tojeng!

Ledge was the last to leave I suppose. When I woke up for a loo call at around 9, he was sprawled in front of the tv awakened by one of my huge morning farts. P was on the couch, sleeping in his jeans. A short nap after sending off L to work, maybe. Before he has to rush off to his office for some weekend function. A busy man and expectant father, unrepentant partier and loving husband.

Did some group writing for the Ralat site. A short biography of the band. All awkward without a clue to what needs to be written. Well the bio’s there if anybody’s interested. Oh and a short photo session conducted by Y. The pic is in the banner at the site. P was worried that he looked too menyerlah. I wouldn’t worry too much about that if I were him.


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5 responses to “Post-Birthday Blues

  1. Thee Dr.

    To quote Andrew W.K.: ‘PARTY ‘TIL YOU PUKE!”

  2. LOL. Fortunately no bodily fluids were publicly secreted last night.

  3. Thee Dr.

    Hahahahaha-unlike me the night before we plat D’Carnival in Ampang…remember…?It was the might I was drinking with Lee and Ollie…it was bad dude…

  4. tarantula

    god bless u bro..hapi bedday…syial!!! hehe

  5. Tarantula… thanks. Kangaroo patahkan shinguard Amar. Syial.

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