Happy birthday to me 2.

Hey its my 32nd birthday, the second one since I started this blog.

Not much has changed since, I guess. Old habits die hard but a man can try can’t he? I’m just thankful to still be surrounded by the people I love and be sappy all day long.

Home is where I want to be. I just didn’t want to admit it because it’s a fucking huge world out there. Scenes flashing through, of love, of sin, of broken hearts, of joy. Like a DVD player stuck on 4x skip : it overwhelms and you just want to go home. It’s just where everything happens.

Well a humble celebration is planned later tonight. You’ll be in my thoughts.


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20 responses to “Happy birthday to me 2.

  1. l

    happy b’day mr izzat!

  2. acai

    Happy B’day Bo… Billy Bragg sang, “Whoops! There goes another year, whoops! There goes another pint of beer…” Cheers!

  3. anis

    happy birthday, hope it’s happy.

  4. Fiza… thanks and say hi to the cat for me.

    l… thanks and love you.

    acai… whoops! Cheers!

    anis… thank you and good luck with the shop. 🙂

  5. princesspurplestarfish


    Woot woot!!


  6. Starfish… *hug back. Woot woot!!

  7. Thee Dr.

    Happy Birthday man-I’m right behind you in August…

  8. Thanks Mat. Long live the 76 crew

  9. encik chala

    happy birthday,bro!

  10. pakali

    adoi, lewat, x ingat nk wish. selamat besday oi! tua nye… keh keh

  11. chala… thanks bro.

    pakali… tua-tua gitu ah. Heh.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!! Seems like you ARE happy!!

    *hugs* ey..tak bley…tak bley…perut berlaga!!

  13. tua dah ko.
    selamat hari lahir.

  14. Rina… LOL. Ko temporary aku permanent.

    mentallyaddicted… tua-tua gitu ah. Heh.

  15. exoticasyibba

    Happy birthday,sayang!

  16. thanks syibba. Love you too.

  17. 5 April? Termasuk You sudah 3 orang yang I kenal lahir hari yang sama. Rafiz (apis/kurt/whatever) salah seorangnya.

  18. Rafiz yang hensem tu kan? Teddy Freddy ke? Sorry, I’m really bad with names.

    But yeah. Orang lahir 5 April memang biasanya berdagu manis dan agak menawan. Heh.

  19. manis dan agak menawan? yeah, right.

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