Studio bucks

Well I guess there’s not much to blog about these days and such. Yada yada.

Except my band, Ralat (or The Ralat Brothers?) will record a song next week. The song is called Di Sini. We’ll be recording digitally at Bani’s studio with a budget of RM600. That’ll get us about six hours. I’ve listened to some of his (unpublished) material and it’s ok i guess. With this kind of money.

But we’ll try to make it work. Because it’s a beautiful mid tempo song and it’s got these invisible hooks that invites you to listen more. I know a bit of a shameless plug. But I’m excited and excitement is the only thing that’s available of late.

And hey, check this out. My band’s blog.

Help me make it nice?


Got Kak G back. Beautiful new frets. Sings like she should.


Starfish… aku tak nak jadi artis la.


A… aku nak jadi artis la.


AKAB… yada yada


Lucius… please write more


Amir Hafizi… terrific


(name deleted)… still deleted



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8 responses to “Studio bucks

  1. Thee Dr.

    Just please for the love of God make it better than Enslaved Chaos’ was…which come to think of it shouldn’t be hard at all…:)

  2. I would give my left arm for the energy we had while recording Enslaved. It reflected well in the final product, I think, so it’s hard to beat.

  3. Hahaha…sape yang koya artis sebenarnya ni???

  4. acai

    Bo, You’ll get my support, definitely!

    To Mat Ribis, kelik mula eh, kawe rindu denge kecek kelate demo. Kito pakak buak album dikir, awang eh…

  5. Thee Dr.

    Energetic but sloppy…the vocals sounded like Cookie Monster…we have a new version of ‘We Want Some Violence’ on our Myspace page (…the leads on it are nothing compared to yours, though and that’s a fact…but we had energy alright..we did ‘Nothing to Gain’ like 8 times or something in the studio…Panther was exceptionally energetic that day I guess…:) Do you remember that ‘mat rock’ soundman?What a bozo! Damn listen to us reminiscing…:)

  6. As sloppy as it was, it’s still one up really high in my charts. And that Cookie Monster vibe? Irreplaceable. We’ve tried gigging without the original Cookie Monster but it’s simply different. Bart, the replacement, sang in that particular grindcore-death style and I’ve got a problem with that I guess.

    Loving Fascist Insect but you know probably I’m not much of a metalhead these days. Couldn’t see the music player at your myspace though, so I couldn’t click on the ‘We Want Some Violence’ clip. Bummer. And my leads were poor King/Heinemann rip-offs.

    Yeah fucking old men reminiscing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Cheers Mat!

  7. Thee Dr.

    Yeah I don’t like grind/death growls that much either-it’s all whirlwind scream/high-pitched vox these days-‘King/Heinmann rip-offs?’Dude, you’re the best guitarist I’ve ever had so far-these Americans are over-rated-believe me-they really have nothing on you. And here’s part of the reason why-the availability of technology. As opposed to people in say, ‘third-world’ countries playing a guitar kapok one growing up-it’s like you gotta be good or noone cares,knowmsayin’? Istill love metal but I’ve added classic rock to my list of shit too-so now i’m qualified to talk about Blue Cheer, Cheap Trick, etc…it’s like a tradition in Ohio

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