DEP to re-release 1999 Album

Dullaby, by the seminal east-coast punk band Dull Entertainment Programme, will be re-released Saturday 29th. The date coincides with an appearance at ‘Three Chords and the Truth’, a diy event to be held at MCPA Hall, Kuala Lumpur.

In CD format, the album will be available for RM12.oo at the venue.

front cover




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21 responses to “DEP to re-release 1999 Album

  1. atie

    Cool izzat, supercool…thanks!

  2. undomesticwifey

    macam best je…nak ikut bley??!!! *grin*

  3. atie… dont mention it, my pleasure

    undomesticwifey… jom ahhhhhh.

  4. acai

    Thanks for the plug Bo. Additional info, songs not only will be from Dullaby, but few tracks from the 1996 Self-Titled demo/EP (remember that grey sleeves?) as well. Also, to give some extra ummphhh to that, we have also included a song that was previously unreleased called “It Kills You” during the 96 recording.

    I don’t know about you guys but I find this personally…a classic! Please go to for more info.

  5. izzat!
    aku tak pegi pon sabtu lepas.
    aku tak sedar apa pon sampailah ahad aku nyawa² ikan.
    amacam gig?
    aku nak beli lah cd DEP.

  6. Arif

    Sapa mahu beli sekitar Cyberjaya/KL boleh beli dengan saya. Saya hantar terus depan rumah. Email to:

  7. acai

    Steady la Arif!

  8. mentallyaddicted… takpe, smula. Kontek Arif, he’ll hook you up.

    Arif… nanti boleh jadi stokis aku jugak?

    acai… Arif memang steady.

  9. Thee Dr.

    Damn…this brings back memories, conflicting emotions, feelings of jealousy and a warm fuzzy in the pit of my char-burned lungs…either that or i need to go handle ‘business’…but seriously the D.E.P. guys have the rare distinction of being one of the few Kuantan bands that actually put out a follow-up recording (along with maybe the Pilgrims)…the rest? Faded into the oblivion of the void of obscurity from which they came, conflicted and confined by the manacles of alcohol and drug addiction, marriage and other mental disorders. Some returning to their kampungs and hometowns across Malaysia and beyond to search for adventure, treasure, and sex (usually all three). And what was left of them? Tales of feats of sonic reducement, broken strings, hearts and bones…equal to that of Conan the Barbarian or Indiana Jones. So…speak well of the bands that came before-that existed in the days of HC/punk’s yore.

  10. Dr… Well put. And you know they played their hearts out at the MCPA last week.

    People were asking me about some band called Enslaved Chaos. Come back. We need you.

    But don’t bother if it’s too much to ask.

  11. atie

    oh thee dr..thats deep..*shed tears*

  12. atie

    And we seriously need Enslaved Chaos back..

  13. acai

    Thee Dr, you’re too kind. Wei, balik sini. Aku belanja kau UB ngan Gudang Garam Surya. ;P

  14. Thee Dr.

    See how it goes-a loooot of people ask about E.C-but I’d like to bring my new band over too mebbee…as for the UB, I’ll take you up on that offer but I quit smoking a couple of years ago…:)

  15. Yeah keep me posted if FI are coming. It would be a blast. I’ll pass on the UB and take the fags instead. But then again, maybe not. 🙂

  16. Thee Dr.

    Hahaha word up son!!

  17. Thee Dr.

    So I went to D.E.P. ‘s blog and saw some footage of their March 18th show- it was very whimiscal, the crowd was good, in shirt, everything you could hope for from a show. Another thing that interested me was that Tojeng and Panther have improved like a motherfucker on their instruments…i know it’s been maybe &years since I saw them but still…and they all looked exactly the same!!

  18. Mat, if you mean the video posted in the DEP site entry dated 19th March, that wasn’t Penter on bass. That was Ya, who’s always been proficient with his instrument.

    But yeah, take it from me: both Tojeng and Penter have indeed grown into solid, mature musicians. DEP in its current incarnation is a force to be reckoned with and let’s hope they get the recognition they deserve!

  19. Thee Dr.

    Oh snap this embarrassing-I know Ya’s good because..I used to be in Mix-Blood with him…:) but yeah I was gonna say Penter looking bigger now but I shoulda recognized him!! As for D.E.P. getting the recognition they deserve-amen to that br’er!!! I mean really WHO IS STILL AROUND? There’s nothing; no Hostile Disgrace, no Future Primitive, no Static-D.E.P. are it. However, it is interesting to note that D.E.P. are in the age bracket where they got to make a little money off what they do-call it an unfortunate side-effect but I know a lot of them have kids now and whatnot. But still the utmost respect to them: they coulda just said ‘fuck it’ after all these years but they instead picked up their guitars and played their show-kudos to you sirs…

  20. Mix-blood LOL. Haven’t heard about that for a while.

    Some sad news regarding Mamat (Molotov vocalist). Remember him? Well his kid just died in a drowning incident about a month back I think.

  21. Thee Dr.

    Takziah…condolences to all concerned….———{@

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