Hmm. Been putting this off for a while now. At home on leave or whatever so I got some time on my hands. So here we go.

Tagger 1 : Pakali who wishes to be anonymous. He’s the owner of this quirky little blog (he’s in my blogroll) that never ceases to amuse me with it’s views on life, music, cigarettes, Bukowski, love and the lack of it. Makes me proud somewhat since I used to teach this kid (whenever I actually attended his class la. Heh).

Five favourite links (in random order)

  1. cm.my.yahoo.com – My Yahoo! startpage. It’s where I check my mail, see who’s online in the built-in web-based chat application, read news-feed subscriptions and check-out what’s happening at my increasingly dormant Facebook profile.
  2. ricecooker.kerbau.com – a site for the malaysian punkrock-diy community. Can’t say if I’m still a part of this community since its been ages since I felt punkrock and the kind of music that I listen to and play now tends to be less diy-inclined. But it’s a good place to go to look at flyers of gigs I can’t attend or check-out the views on current diy-punkrock news in the comments section.
  3. bloglines.com – its all the blogs I read in one place. I don’t think I read a lot of blogs, but the ones I do I follow semi-religiously. These include:
  • Semusim di Neraka : a phenomenon, ’nuff said.
  • Catatan Pendek Dari Neraka : 11,000 hits in 21 days, ’nuff said.
  • Trankuiliti Tronoh : brave political views and wifey’s not-so-secret crush.
  • Tell Tales : Starfish, a witty and good, good friend who’s probably having a whale of a time on vacation right now.
  • Shot By Karma : an artist trapped in an engineer’s body.
  • Faking Orgasm : old old friend from the dog days of Kuantan and fellow struggling musician.
  • Inside My Marc : my latest obsession, she loves sofas and handbags. Hates weird toilet-paper holder placements.
4. maybank2u.com – bills!
5. hlb.com.my – more bills!
Tagger 2 : Nana from Kerna Kit Kat. Sassy girl who’s just obtained kick-ass results for a major national exam. Can’t live without her choco-biscuits and destined to achieve big things in the future.
Things in my wallet (black kenneth cole reaction tri-fold, with matching key ring, birthday prezzie from A)
RM14.oo cash. Leftover from a drinking session last night.Maybank ATM balance slip. Very little balance. Gasp!NRIC, Maybank ATM card, HLB Visa and Mastercard, Kad Perakuan Nikah Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor, Expired(?) Touch and Go card, Driver’s License, MPH Reader’s Circle card, Receipt for Yamaha AES 620 (date of purchase : 25.08.07), Assorted name and business cards.


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6 responses to “Tagged!

  1. nana

    wuhuu. ade kad-kad penting dalam hidup.
    kalau kena curi memang syok tuu.

  2. pakali

    wuhuu, hye nana!

  3. “wifey’s not-so-secret crush”

    serius aku rasa bersalah…

  4. Lucius… tak yah. kalau ko aku punya secret crush ha tu lain citer.

  5. A

    ala luscious lucius maximus nie….

    rasa bersalah kerana….(sila isi tempat kosong)


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