Guitars and an amp, by the dinner table at home.

Taken after a session with Ralat. Wanted to take one with Ledge’s yamaha too, but he’s left before I took the camera out.

Two possible new songs. One sounds very good with the acoustic in dropped D. The version I hear in my head right now is ringing open chords kinda Jack Johnson but maybe faster and less dadrockish.Ledge wants to call this song Antologi. I’m not really sure about this title because I’ve yet to ask him what it means. Let’s just say the title’s not set in stone just yet.

The other one hasn’t sunked into my brain enough yet. It’s quite daunting technically and definitely a loud one. We were playing in the front hall and my parents were asleep in the next room. So studio time tomorrow is justified and essential. Sigh. Own studio would be fucking awesome.


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2 responses to “

  1. nana

    saya tag kamu! hehe.

  2. pakali

    ada studio sendiri kan best, tol tak..

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