Happy 33thrd birthday Mr. Shahkaratul Tarantula. Thanks for the band-name suggestion. We might use it after all.


The band rehearsed today. At Bani’s as usual. Played a LOUD version of Di Sini. P seems to think that we sound better loud. I’ve got my reservations about it though. The sheer volume somehow drowns-out Ledge’s vocals. Not his fault, I think better voice amplification would solve that. My delay pedal was also out of juice so didn’t get to use it tonight. My fault, the song sounds much lovelier with sparkling guitars.


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3 responses to “Ralat

  1. by the way, what was the suggested band-name?
    nak tau jugak.

  2. princesspurplestarfish

    Aku baru pasan.. Isnt it supposed to 33RD, instead of 33TH? *muka confuse*

  3. starfish… ha yelah yelah aku dah edit.

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