Ode to Rain.

The rain makes you do silly things

think silly thoughts

The torrent of feelings it brings

the blood it clots

O the confusion when rain falls

the bang of thunder

Confounds one’s own silent call

one’s heart asunder

The pouring rain never forgives

it floods you breathless

You drown and try to believe

it leaves you faithless

For when rain is falling hard

you just sit and wait

And pick up shard by shard

your heart, a broken plate

And pray the rain will be the glue

to mend a broken heart

The silly thoughts and things you do

forgiven at last, and start anew.

Forgiven at last and start anew.



Filed under anecdotal, poetic

3 responses to “Ode to Rain.

  1. princesspurplestarfish

    Rain obsession…

    Oghang cite pasal ujan dia pun nak jugak cite pasal ujaannnn.. Cit!!

  2. encik chala

    bro..search ‘geli mat’ kat youtube. you’ll love it.

  3. A

    when numbness is all I want

    I’m left feeling all of it

    when wanting to be whole again

    becomes a pressing need

    I’m left feeling vulnerable

    when joy becomes elusive

    I’m gifted with love

    Pure unconditional love

    Of an innocent child

    Heal me

    Make me whole

    Make me want to be whole


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