It’s OK Y, life’s like that.

Y, our youngest and only sister failed her written driving test for the second time today. She’s devastated. This happening at a particularly high point in her young life, she’d just left school, new job at a boutique. In fact this morning was supposed to be her third day at work.

The light on her face when we picked her up from work just the other night. Genuine satisfaction after a hard day’s work. How many of us hasn’t had that feeling in a long time?

She called in sick. Sulked in her room. But up laughing again watching Slam Dunk at six o’clock. I bet she’ll go to work tomorrow. Not that it matters.

The test didn’t matter neither la, Y. Remember when we went out driving infront of MPK the other day? The police car, the satria jerking in appreciation of your fine driving, the courting couples, a noisy Kak A as driving instructor? These matter.

So shine on.



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9 responses to “It’s OK Y, life’s like that.

  1. mynameissina

    You’re one cool abang. Can I be your adopted sister? πŸ™‚

    Jgn marah A…hik hik hik

  2. princesspurplestarfish

    Until today, I would berlagak in front of all my cousins yang tengah sebok amek written driving test because dolu2 I got the highest mark in my class. Satu je salah. I terer la bab theory ni kan… not to say tak terer when it comes to practical. Of course I lagik… aaa.. never mind.

    Anyway, when it comes to on-the-road thingy, I failed horribly kat bukit. Keta tu la bongok! Tak nak benti kat tempat yang dia sepatutnya benti. Brek yang salah! I tak! Hek! Kesimpulannya, all my cousins amek the test once.. *I* yang berlagak nak mampos ni jugak la kena amek test twice.

    But it was a good thing though. Sebab dapat the same ensem instructor to teach me how to ‘drive’ that bukit again. Nyeh nyeh.

    *eh eh.. cam blog sendiri kan sukati je nak letak comment panjang2 hik hik*

  3. Rina

    IF this could make Y feeling any better, I failed my written driving test too.Only manage to pull through the third time. Part yang paling senang pulak tu yang kantoi : Road Signage..tsk..tsk..

    But now, I’m the designated driver in the family
    πŸ™‚ Sooo…don’t give up just yet Y!!

  4. p

    alaaa rileks la sis…
    angah dulu tak pas SPM..
    lagilah..rileks je dia….
    nowdays driving test memang susah.
    Which is good my dear sis sebab ianya meng-educate
    people how to ‘drive and behave’ on the road.

    Cheer-up pastu dengar lagu MIKA banyak2…

  5. Bob Dyldo

    Alo boss! Lesen tibang mau ka? Manyak mulah. RM1000, geng punye pasat kasi RM999. Semua kelas boleh kasi talok. Tambah lagi RM1000, saye kasi talok kelas bawak itu kapat tibang punye…

    Lai! Lai! Mulah… Mulah…

  6. pakali

    kim salam sama adik, =p

    ak dr dulu lesen P, x siap2 sebab x puas hati ngn indian instructor sekor tu..

  7. Y

    thanks,long.u’re the best!!
    my THIRD test on next monday.
    hopefully that will be the LAST.
    then i can get through the other test and forget that @#$*** test FOREVER!!!!

  8. encik chala

    sy dengar Y dah pass da..
    good.never take things from granted from now on

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