Counting Words

Do you know this song by The Verve called Sonnet? Well, right before the song fades to a finish there is this lovely refrain of a phrase. Y, my beautiful sister just told me about 10 minutes ago that there are 5 …by now’s and 8 oh by now’s in the song.



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12 responses to “Counting Words

  1. Ahh, i never realized it. That’s a cool find, thanks. Now where’s my Urban Hymn CD so i can listen to the beautiful Sonnet again…

  2. content… found the CD? Mine got lost a few years back. Downloaded the mp3’s for my iPod via torrent. I bought the CD so The Verve received at least some royalty. LOL. wish I could say the same for my solo Ashcroft mp3’s though…

  3. dah lama tau dah lagu tuh. memang best. dengaq 49kali pun tak jemu

  4. heartbeat… haah kan?

    Takziah atas pemergian slow loris.

  5. couldn’t find it, cikgu. i lost most of my CDs during while packing when i moved out to a new place recently. too bad i can’t download any songs as such function been blocked by office admin & i’ve yet to have internet connection at home. a’ah, agree with another cikgu that dengar dengaq banyaq kali pun tak bosan lagu ni no… 🙂 cheers to all!

  6. thee dr.

    obssessive compulsive little?

  7. dr… yeah a little maybe. LOL

  8. Mmm, this thee. dr used to sing for Enslaved Chaos, am i rite?

  9. content… affirmative. He’s now in a band called Fascist Insect.

  10. Rina

    Enslaved Chaos?? LOL….Lama dah tak dengar nama tu..

  11. princesspurplestarfish

    Haah la… lama betol tak dengar nama tu kan… wonder whats happening with the members…

  12. Rina

    Maatttttt Leeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh!!! Apa kabo??? LOL

    ~~hollers from ex-GF penter ngan ex-GF poksang~~

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