3 Reunions

I met three old friends today, the first being J, whom I was best friends with back in the days when I was teaching in Rompin. He had a studio and we were bandmates of sorts. It was me and Alan on guitars, Uda on bass and J on drums. Initially they had a vocalist, Z who sang 80’s Malay rock songs with the band but he was phased out eventually. We called ourselves Mork and played a gig in Bukit Bintang back in 2001, I think.

So there we were a few hours ago in P’s house reminiscing over a few hits on the papaya stem. We laughed over a song J composed entitled Sengkisut. It only had one line “Chulalongkorn, chulalongkorn” and I was reminded of windswept Rompin, rides to school on a borrowed scrambler and RM2.00 lunches.

Both F and W were college mates. We were inseparable and went through a lot together. We’ve lost touch since after graduation and found each other again via a web-based social networking service. F, an early crush, is now mother of twin girls and resides in the southwestern English town where we studied. W, bona-fide ex-girlfriend, has recently gotten married and now lives in the States.



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2 responses to “3 Reunions

  1. sina

    hey, clicking around and found your blog. i wonder if this A had(has?)a blog of her own. there’re many similarities between kuburan dakwat and her blog; for the life of me tak ingat nama apa(characters and places).


  2. Hi Sina,

    A did have an online journal. It was on diaryland and this was years ago. She does have a blog now but it’s (unfortunately) dormant and updated very very irregularly.

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