A belated Ramadhan greeting and an early Aidilfitri wish.

It’s been a while. I haven’t been particularly busy. Just particularly lazy. It is that particular time of the year anyway when I feel all hollow and emptied-out. A phenomenon I can only attribute to the seasonal mood swings I tend to experience during cold winters abroad, an affliction I might have brought home with me to these humid climes.

It’s heartening however, to tell you that the band that I’ve been rehearsing with is officially a Band and I’ve decided to call it Monsun; an offshoot of my previous failed venture: Monsoon. The official line-up: Ledge – Vocals/Guitars, me – Guitars/Vocals, P – Bass, Idge – Drums.

So far we’ve been jamming a lot of Padi songs as they are our favourite and perhaps we strive to achieve their kind of heart-felt, modern but rootsy rock. As far as original material is concerned, there have been 3 or four originals written by our vocalist/guitarist Ledge, but the firm favourite (well, mine at least) seems to be this poppy mid-tempo number the title of which I can’t seem to recall. There’s another one called ‘Something Wonderful‘ but we can’t seem to play it without sounding cheesy and contrived.

The latest jam session we had was last Saturday at Bani’s. It was the best rehearsal I’ve had it quite a long time. The most outstanding tracks we played were (all Padi songs) Menanti Keajaiban, Prolog and the rocking Ketakjuban. My usual amp at Bani’s is the MG Marshall Combo but during this particular session I switched to a small Fender. With my Yamaha AES620, a Boss DS-1 distortion and DD-9 delay, the sound was what I have always dreamed off. The simple controls of the Fender made it very easy for me to shape the tones at the amp and pedals. And Idge’s drumming that night was superb. A little confusion during the middle break in Ketakjuban but otherwise we absolutely rocked.

So there. There’s a new original song in the works. Haven’t heard it yet but Ledge said it’s a rocking heavy one. Looking forward to that. Wish us luck!

p/s. Gimme band-name suggestions.



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22 responses to “Monsun

  1. LOL. You wish! How about ‘Klimaks’?

  2. yeah. ni la yg kita mau..

    weh..tak jam kedai depan UIA doh ker..kedai brader the best steel “pebender tah” in town..eheh.

  3. Ekeke. Jam kat studio tigasegi sempit. Kat brader pakai seluar peladang. ‘Best Metal Sound In Town’.

  4. lu mmg buat gua teringat kat brader seluar peladang la bo…ahahah..

  5. l

    mutu yg semakin bagus..aku enjoy menonton kalian.

  6. l, terima kasih dan kami merasa bertuah dapat menghiburkan kamu. 🙂

  7. Bob Dyldo

    ‘Klimaks’ pon okay…

  8. sQuint

    huhu… bila mau jam dude. lu jam kat bani israel ker? tehehe

  9. sQuint… uik? Cam kenaaaal je ni? Dedahkan identiti sebenar sebelum didedahkan. LOL.

  10. Ryna :)

    Good Luck to you guys 🙂 wish could see the band performed.

    S&M! eh silap… H&M, for the High & Mighties! tp why not Monsun itself?

  11. Ryna :)

    Congrats, u guys rock!! (despite of whatever probs occured) and got 3rd spot in ROTTW’s Soundstage@KP!

    Wish u all the best this coming 28th.

  12. padi versi malaysia.
    ni ijat kah?

  13. mentallyaddicted… hi, have we met before?

  14. yes! of course.
    kuantan mali.
    (monsun…. wish to see u guys rockin again!)

  15. ib… aha thanks. Dah lama tak rehearse sebab vocalist demam.

  16. well ib is not my real name. huhu. itu sekadar rekaan semata-mata. btw, ur vocalist is ledge kan? last week i met him.

  17. ‘ib’… so nak panggil apa ek?

    Ledge dah sihat macam ‘ultraman baru lepas bertukar’ according to his text message tadi.

  18. panggil ib sudah. ehehe.
    shall i put ur blog into my link?
    (ala² mintak permission gitu)

  19. ib… no problem. Lagipun i dah check your blog and the link is there already kan?

  20. a’a.
    oh btw, welcome to my blog.

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