A Couple of Things

Firstly, and this is a few weeks overdue, as of 2oth August 2007, Kuburan Dakwat is one year old. It feels like yesterday when I wrote my first entry. While the blog has been somewhat dormant with entries posted irregularly, this ‘anniversary’ has kinda sparked-off a new enthusiasm… I hope.

Yamaha AES620

Yamaha AES620

Secondly, to celebrate the aforementioned occasion, I bought a new guitar. A spanking new Yamaha AES620. Mahagony body with a carved flamed maple top, nato neck and rosewood fretboard, grover tuners and a bitching Seymour Duncan humbucker at the bridge. Sweet. Played it for the first time at a jam session with the band yesterday and the guitar rocks like a banshee.

Looks like I’m not gonna be able to spend more time blogging after all. I’ll be glued to the amp. Kerrrraaangggg!


Image source: http://www.imusic-center.com/upload/67_1_.jpg




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9 responses to “A Couple of Things

  1. Sang Kelembai

    whoaaaa sheriff… guitar baru lagi… I envy you. Will you treat this guitar like shit too?? Anyways, happy 1st anniversary KB and happy bonding with your new yamaha(l).

  2. en.chala

    peeeh gitar baru..
    kak G pegi mane?

  3. en.chala

    oops lupe happy anniversary 2 u
    n also happy anniversary for KB

  4. p

    this one bunyi banyak lemak punya wooo…..
    wait for a new guitar then this guitar will get shit

  5. happy merdeka day! btw, today got mc ka? heh!

  6. Sang Kelembai

    Sorry Sheriff… Should be KD instead of KB… what the… hehehe

  7. Ryna :)

    kak G ada kawan baru! cepat-cepat repair bleh main sekali. hepi anniversary too-oo!

  8. jbg

    as i go through your outlook on life and the things that you face everyday, i realise that i miss a friend. May we live long enough to meet up.

  9. jbg… Thanks man, it’s an honour to have you dropping in. Regards to the clan. Raya in KL?

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